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Yoghurt Drops

My boys are ever changing between wanting to be spoon fed (apparently boys like everything to be done for them??), and to wanting to eat themselves with their fingers. Lately, they only want to eat finger foods!
I’m trying to get things into them that are healthy and that they’ll actually eat! I also try to give them different flavours, colours, textures and temperatures with their food so that they won’t be too fussy with their foods as they grow up.
I saw this on Pinterest so thought I would give it a go with my homemade yoghurt!
Yoghurt Drops
What you need:
1. Yoghurt (Homemade/store-bought, flavoured/plain)
I used my homemade Vanilla Yoghurt using Thermomumma’s Easiyo Yoghurt Recipe (
2. Metal tray lined with baking paper
3. Piping bag or ziplock bag (with small hole cut in the corner)
What you need ^^^
1. Place yoghurt in a piping bag (or ziplock bag) and pipe dots onto tray.
Fill piping bag with yoghurt
Pipe drops on tray
2. Place in freezer for a few hours until drops have hardened.
Place in freezer
 You can either store in freezer on the tray, or decant it into a smaller container with baking paper in between.
It gets a bit melty after a few minutes out of the freezer, so it is best eaten straight out of the freezer for a sweet frozen treat for the little ones or adults!

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