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Vanilla Almond Body Scrub

I really wanted to use my homemade vanilla extract, would love to make a dessert or cake, but don’t really feel like eating it, so thought I would make something non edible for once!
Vanilla Almond Body Scrub
Vanilla Almond Body Scrub Recipe:
If you don’t have a Thermomix you could make this in a food processor!
I’ve always thought of making a homemade body scrub, but never bothered to do it. Now that I have, I will never be buying store bought stuff again!!! This is all with stuff I have in the pantry and took a total of 1 minute in the Thermomix!!!
I made 2 x batches in the one go (one batch to give to my mum).
The recipe uses 1 x vanilla bean, however I really wanted to use my homemade vanilla extract and it seems a bit $$$ to use a whole vanilla bean in a small batch of home made body scrub. The vanilla component is really there for the scent.
As I didn’t use a vanilla bean, I skipped Step 1 and 2 of this recipe.
I blitzed the almonds until fine.
Blitz Almonds
Then added the sugar, coconut oil and 2 teaspoons of homemade vanilla extract (1 teaspoon per batch).
 Add sugar, coconut oil and vanilla extract
Then added the olive oil. I poured the olive oil into the measuring cup to pre weigh it, and used it to add into the mixture whilst on Speed 2. It took about 40 seconds to combine.
Weigh olive oil in MC
 Add olive oil
And then it’s done!! Too easy!!! Vanilla Almond Body Scrub!!
Vanilla Almond Body Scrub
Great for a natural home body treatment, or a thoughtful homemade gift!!

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