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TIm Tam Fudge

As I have been moving house, I have discovered a heeaaap load of stuff I forgot I had in my pantry. One of these things, Tim Tams! I have a problem with buying them every time they are on sale, thinking I will make some amazing dessert with them. So in my house, the Tim Tam packet is literally a packet that never runs out! It is also that time of the week where I make something for my work colleagues, so thought this would be perfect!

Tim Tam Fudge

Thermofun’s Tim Tim Fudge recipe:

Blitz 200 grams White Chocolate and set aside
Add Condensed Milk, Butter, Sugar and Glucose and cook 8 mins/100 degrees/Speed 3
Scrape sides and base of bowl with a spatula and cook 20 minutes/Varoma/Speed 3
Fudge all caramelised!
Add set aside white chocolate and 7 x Tim Tams
Mix 10 secs/Speed3 (Reverse)
Pour and spread out in a silicon baking tray, and refrigerate for a few hours
Once set, I cut it into 8 x 6 squares
Tim Tam Fudge!


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