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Tips to Relieve a Sick Snotty Baby



Can you believe these happy faces were sooooo miserable and sick that they were in the ER just 4 days ago?

Mr Twins and A Blog received some great tips from a very helpful ER Doctor when he took the girls into the hospital (I was already in hospital with Ethan). We have been using these tips & tricks on the girls & they have both gotten better exponentially in the last few days! We have always used the steam shower, fess & snot sucker with our sick babies, but never thought to do it in this order & routine. This has helped us heaps & I am sharing our success to help your sick bubbas too!

FYI: If you hate snot talk, scroll on by! 👃🤧

Tips to relieve a snotty sick baby:

👇👇Do all milk feeds in the shower👇👇

Spray Fess spray (saline spray) into bubs nostrils & wait for a minute. Even if it is wet sloppy snot just spray it in there to loosen everything deep in their sinus (I used to only use the Fess if it was a drier snot but now use it even when they have wet drippy snot too)

Close the bathroom door, direct the shower head to the wall & turn the hot water on in the shower. Whilst the steam builds up, you can feed bubs some milk for a few mins while you wait for the Fess to settle them, or just go right in and suck the sh#t out of their noses with the snot sucker (aka Nasal Oral Aspirator – we use the Neilmed Naspira but I have heard NoseFrida is also great!) Yep the babies won’t like it & will most likely protest and flail around, but they’ll be happy and smiling when they can breathe after it! Just suck out as much snot as you can until no more snot comes out. It is all that yucky snot that us adults can blow out easily into a tissue but drips down into their sinus. The snot is also full of all the gross yucky germs that we want to get out of their body, so the more we can get that sh#t out, the better!

Now that the shower is steamed up, either stand inside the shower (@mrtwinsandablog does this) or place a stool in the doorway of the shower (I do this as the girls are too heavy for me to stand & feed for long periods) & feed them their milk whilst heads inside the steamed up shower space. Drinking the milk in the steam forces them to use their nose to breathe and clears their airways. The warm steam is also really comforting and helps them to sleep too.

We have been doing this with every single milk feed, including all the crazy night feeds whilst they’ve been sick and after weeks of snotty noses, they have been snot free & back to their happy selves today!

@mrtwinsandablog has also made a video on his Instagram page about it so check it out especially for those of you who are more visual!

What other tips & tricks have you found that has helped your sick bubbas?

Sick bubba photos from the past few weeks:

Non Thermomix/ Thermomix

Lemon and Honey Jelly Drops

This is a homemade remedy for when you have a cold and flu, or as an immune booster. This is also a variation of the Fruit Juice Jelly Lollies!

This is great to use during cold and flu season along with the Cold Kicker Drink and Cold and Flu Shower Melts!

 Add all ingredients into bowl.

– heat 4 minutes/50 degrees/Speed 2.
Pour into silicon moulds 

and place in fridge for a few hours to set.

Store in an airtight container on the bench for a few days or the fridge for a few weeks.

Lemon and Honey Jelly Drops

Print Recipe


  • 250 grams lemon juice
  • 100 grams honey
  • 25 grams edible gelatine



METHOD (Thermomix):


Add all ingredients into bowl - heat 4 minutes/50 degrees/Speed 2.


Pour into silicon moulds and place in fridge for a few hours to set.


METHOD (Stovetop):


Add all ingredients into a small pot, heat on low to medium heat, stirring constantly until you can see gelatine granules have melted in.


Pour into silicon moulds and place in fridge for a few hours to set.


TO STORE: Place in an airtight container. You can leave this on the bench for a few days, however these last a few weeks in the fridge. ***The jelly drops have a crunchier/firmer texture when kept in the fridge, and a wobbly/softer texture when kept out on the bench.