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Floral Wreath Cake

This is my SIL’s birthday cake for 2016! The last few years I’ve gone with icecream cakes since her birthday’s in summer, but this year I thought I’d make a proper cake with buttercream for her!

This cake consists of an orange chiffon cake, topped with rosewater buttercream icing and edible gold leaf.

1. The Cake – Orange Chiffon Cake

I cheated and my mum made this cake for me to decorate, as she’s the chiffon cake expert in the family! She has her own recipe which she uses (which I am yet to learn from her to post on the blog!), but here is a similar recipe on recipe community.

However, you can use ANY cake you like in a bundt tin (or even a round cake tin and cut a hole through the middle to form a wreath shape).

2. The Icing – Rosewater Buttercream Icing (x 4 batches)

I used my Perfect Buttercream Icing and made 2 x 2 batches at a time with 1 teaspoon of Rosewater (instead of vanilla) with each double batch (i.e. 1/2 teaspoon per batch).

I used the icing first to crumb coat the cake. Then whilst I let it firm up in the fridge, I divided the remaining buttercream icing into 6 small bowls and added 6 x different gel food colouring (pictured below) to create really vibrant colours.

3. Assembly of the cake is illustrated as follows: