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Profiterole Stack

My brother’s 30th birthday ‘cake’!

Profiteroles filled with milo mousse and thick vanilla custard, topped with dark chocolate, spun sugar, and silver and blue cachous.

This was the 2nd time I’ve made profiteroles from scratch (the first time was when I first got my Thermomix!), and the first time trying to stack them!

I wouldn’t call this a croquembouche as it’s not neat enough – there’s usually a styrofoam cone shape underneath those to keep the shape neat, so I’ve called this a ‘stack’!


I made my Milo Mousse and Thermomumma’s Thick Vanilla Custard for the filling. This needs to be made first so that it can be chilled in the fridge for a few hours.


I made the 2 x batches of Choux Pastry from the Basic Cookbook TM5 Chip. I made big ones and small ones so that there were varying sizes to stack.


I made a small hole in the bottom of the profiteroles with a small knife, and piped the Milo Mousse and Thermomumma’s Thick Vanilla Custard into the bottom.

I placed 1 cup of dark chocolate chips in a Pyrex bowl and microwaved for 1 minute, then stirred until it was all melted and combined.

With a spatula, I placed melted chocolate at the bottom of the profiteroles and placed them on a wooden board, put melted chocolate on the tops of them, then worked my way up with the profiteroles, using melted chocolate and the bottom of each of them so that they would hold up in the stack.

I also used toothpicks to help hold them all. Once that was all assembled, I placed this in the fridge to set.

I wasn’t quite happy with the profterole stack plain, so I found a spun sugar recipe with instructions (my first time!) – as it looks ‘easy enough’ on Masterchef! 

It was pretty easy and looked pretty amazing for my first go!! I LOVED the outcome of the spun sugar:




HOW AMAZING DOES THIS LOOK!? BUT… this totally needs to be done JUST before serving. I AM SO GLAD I TOOK HEAPS OF PHOTOS STRAIGHT AWAY!!! Haha!! You’re not supposed to place this in the fridge as the spun sugar is sensitive to the moisture and will melt (like fairy floss). So I left this out on the bench whilst I had a shower before going out to dinner (we were coming back after dinner to have cake for dessert). Right after my shower, the spun sugar had already started melting and the ‘fluffiness’ was gone, so I thought, stuff it and put it in the fridge (as it would be nicer with cold profiteroles with a cold filling and crunchy chocolate). When we got back from dinner, the spun sugar was pretty much melted off, but there were thicker bits which looked pretty cool, so it wasn’t a COMPLETE fail thank goodness!! But definitely not what it started off with!! *insert crying emoticon here* :'(