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Pot Plant Dessert

I made this for my dad’s birthday ‘cake’ this year. He doesn’t like cake or ice-cream, and he is a keen gardener so this was perfect for him! His birthday is also a few days after the boys, so we celebrated his birthday with theirs this year, and as I was really busy with the boys cakes, this was great as this could be pre-made the day or 2 before!

This Pot Plant Dessert simply consists of:

  1. Milo Mousse
  2. Chocolate Soil
  3. Fresh mint leaves

I made the Chocolate Soil 2 days beforehand, Milo Mousse the night beforehand (and set it in the pot straight away), assembled the Chocolate Soil on top of the Milo Mousse in the morning of the day, and kept it in the fridge until ‘cake cutting’ and serving time.

Serve on a tray with gardening gloves and a spade (I couldn’t find a clean one, so used one of the boys toy mini rakes instead) but in hindsight I should have thought ahead and bought a new clean one – as it would look fantastic with this! I used an Ikea Socker Plant Pot (which is 99 cents) to display this dessert in – looks pot planty, and I felt the metal was ‘cleaner’ than using a terracotta type pot.