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Slime Putty and Bath Time!

Slime Putty Day!!

Today I made the boys my 2 Ingredient Slime Putty! Best thing about getting gross and sticky from the slime putty is that I chuck the boys into the bath with their trays full of slime putty and bits & pieces to wash themselves (as it’s made with kids shampoo!)! So that’s craft time, clean up and bathtime all-in-1!!

I made 2 batches and added a tablespoon of glitter in each batch. I added pink/blue food colouring in 1 batch to make purple putty (Harley’s fave colour) and an extra squirt of kids shampoo to make it slimier (so they had 2 diff textures to play with). The girls joined in with the excitement and got to watch the boys get their slime on!

Very quick & easy 2 ingredient recipe *Thermomix & Regular Methods* CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Craft/ Parenting

Town Planning for Kids

The boys love learning new things and are absorbing information like sponges.

I’m a town planner by profession, so I thought they were finally old enough to learn the basics of Town Planning – the main types of residential dwellings:

  • Single storey house
  • Two storey house
  • Duplex (dual occupancy) – 2 dwellings on 1 lot
  • Townhouse (multi dwelling housing) – 3 or more dwellings on 1 lot with each dwelling having access from the ground floor
  • Apartment building (residential flat building) – 3 or more dwellings (I say to the boys – lots and lots of units in 1 big building)

I used basic shapes – rectangles (buildings, doors), squares (windows), triangles (roof) to make up the buildings with A4 and A5 coloured paper from Kmart.

I cut out the shapes and the boys helped me to stick them onto the wall with sticky tape. For older kids could cut out the shapes themselves.

It’s a great way to count, use basic shapes, and learn the different types of houses as we live in an area with lots of different types of housing which the boys can see as real life examples.


Elfie Antics 2017 – Elf on the Shelf Ideas

I’ll miss all the Elfie fun from this year, but I’m glad to get my nights back for Netflix…and sleep!! I posted each day of Elfie on my social media pages, but here the highlight reel of Elfie’s antics for 2017!

Day #1 – Hi Elfie!

Look who’s back from the North Pole!! There are going to be 2 very excited boys in the morning!! We started this tradition last year but they were still a little young to appreciate it, this year will be the first time they will truly enjoy the spirit and magic of Christmas!

Day #2 – Elfie’s Shrinking Machine

Day #3 – Elfie’s Ball Pit (I was out all day/night so this was an easy one to put together!)

Day #4 – Crossfit Elfie

Day #5 – May the force be with you (the boys LOVE Star Wars!)

Day #6 – Skittle Rainbow (before and after pic)

I did a trial run before the boys got to do this in the morning! (I removed the ‘after’ example so it took them by suprise)


  • Make sure all the Skittles are touching
  • Use warm water and add just enough water for it to touch the Skittles (don’t add too much water or the colours will run into each other and goes brown in a few minutes)

Day #7 – Teenage Mutant Ninja Elfie

Day #8 – Elfie’s Ginger Bread House

Day #9 & #10 – Elfie’s Magic Eggs

Elfie’s magic dust is made of rainbow sprinkles and glitter. I was going to use the standard Kinder Suprise eggs which are the same size as a normal egg but I couldn’t resist these huge Christmas Kinder Suprise ones! It is an easy one to switch over the next night!

Day #11 – Meet Frosty!

Craft paper cutouts and tissue paper for the scarf/hat. The hardest part of this was cleaning all the magnets/coupons/letters/photos/cards off the fridge!

Day #12 – Day Spa

All these magic tricks topped with Frosty appearing the night before was hard work! Time for Elfie to relax in a nice bubble bath, complete with Elfie sized body wash, candle, shot of milk and mini oreos.

Day #13 – Wrecking Ball 2.0

This was an encore from my 2016 fave! Last year I used a clear bauble filled with M & M’s. This year I used a Cadbury Snowbites ball. The boys had so much fun with this wrecking ball! See wrecking ball video HERE.

Day #14 & #15 – Elfie’s Magic Seeds

The soil was made of white sugar topped with sprinkles. I put it in cups for some depth so the Candy Canes can stay upright when ‘planted’. The Tic Tac’s are Candy Cane flavoured ones (but you could use red or white ones). I love these 2 day things as the 2nd night you just need to plant the Candy Canes!

Day #16 – Toilet Paper Tree

Day #17 – Do you want to build a snowman?

This was one of the boys’ FAVOURITE Elfie moments with this sensory play complete with Play Snow! It looks like snow, and can be moulded into fun little shapes! CLICK HERE for the easy Play Snow recipe!

Day #18 – Game of Thrones

Have you G.O.T the Christmas spirit?

Day #19 – Hammock Life

Elfie needs a lie down and cocktail with all this flying to and from Santa every night!

Day #20 – Elfie the Magician – the ‘cutting Hulk in half’ trick!

No sawing or cutting involved, just pure Elf *magic*!

Day #21 – Where’s Elfie?

Day #22 – Elfie vs Spiderman

NOTE: This is what a whole packet of dental floss looks like!! (this took about an hour to do!)

Day #23 – Transformers: Elfie in Disguise

This was a combined daddy and mummy effort and was one of the boys’ fave Elfie moments!!

Day #24 – Elfie’s last day before Santa arrives!

‘Hi Ethan and Harley!

Today is our last day together before I fly back with Santa to the North Pole.
Let’s have cuddles and take photos together – here is some magic dust to sprinkle on me so I can fly back home with Santa.

I have given your mummy the recipe for Santa’s favourite cookies for you to bake today to put out for Santa tonight.

Before you go to bed tonight, here is some reindeer food to sprinkle on the grass outside and a tray to fill with milk and cookies for Santa and a carrot for Rudolph!

Get excited, because Santa is coming tonight and you both have been good boys this year, and good boys get presents from Santa!

Love Elfie xoxo

Note: Reindeer food is oats, Magic Elf dust is glitter, and Santa Snacks board is from Thermoart.

Day #25 – Farewell Elfie!

Christmas/ Craft/ Non Thermomix/ Thermomix

Play Snow

This is an easy sensory play snow which looks like snow but can also be moulded and shaped! PERFECT for when you want to build a snowman…and you live in stinking hot Australia!!! (and perfect for an Elf on the Shelf activity!!)


Play Snow

Print Recipe


  • 400 grams baking soda (bicarb soda)
  • 50 grams conditioner



METHOD (Thermomix):


Place all ingredients in bowl - mix 10 seconds/Speed 4.


METHOD (regular):


Place all ingredients in medium sized bowl. Mix through with your fingers or a spoon until all ingredients are combined and a 'snow' like texture.


You can use any type of conditioner - I use whatever's cheapest in my house ie. Herbal Essence.

Christmas/ Craft/ Twins

Christmas Paddlepop Stick Ornaments

I LOVE craft and I LOVE Christmas! It’s exciting that the boys are at an age where they can enjoy craft! The boys really enjoyed making these and it was the first time they used PVA glue to stick things on!

This is an easy Christmas ornament which I have been giving as presents to my friends and family. The size of the loop is a perfect size for the boys to be able to place the ornaments easily and proudly onto the tree themselves. 🙂 🙂


  • Paddlepop sticks (coloured or plain)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • String (cut into the length of a paddlepop stick)
  • Scissors (to cut the string ^^)
  • PVA glue (for the kids to use)
  • Buttons, wooden shapes and pom poms to decorate


Adults/older kids

  1. Stick together 3 x paddlepop sticks with a hot glue gun to form a triangle shape.
  2. Loop the string together and stick on both ends of the string to one of the corners of the triangle.


  1. Use a paddlepop stick to dip into PVA glue and spread onto the paddlepop stick triangle.
  2. Decorate with buttons, wooden shapes and pom poms.

Note: I found the pom poms a little harder to stick on, so I had to restick a few with the hot glue gun.









Baby Food/ Dessert/ Thermomix

Apple and Maple Custard

This is a beautiful twist on the usual custard recipe, adding apples throughout the custard. Great for when you feel like custard, but you really should eat your fruit – so why not combine the two!? This has beautiful small pieces of apple which creates a beautiful texture with the smooth creamy custard, and it pairs really well with maple syrup. This is perfect for toddlers/kids especially in reusable food pouches, or you can puree it for baby food (also this is great for older babies when introducing textures).


Add apples to bowl.


Blitz 3 seconds/Speed 5. Scrape down.


Add maple syrup, milk, cornflour and eggs.


Cook 6 minutes/90 degrees/Speed 3.



Apple and Maple Custard

Print Recipe


  • 2 x apples (quartered and cored)
  • 80 grams maple syrup
  • 500 grams milk
  • 30 grams cornflour
  • 2 x eggs



Add apples to bowl.


Blitz 3 seconds/Speed 5. Scrape down.


Add maple syrup, milk, cornflour and eggs.


Cook 6 minutes/90 degrees/Speed 3.


This has small pieces of apple throughout, if you prefer a smoother texture (i.e. for baby food or to 'hide' the apples), puree the custard - 30 seconds/Speed 9 (slowly turning the dial progressively from Speed 0 to 9).


2 Ingredient Slime Putty

This is a mix between slime and putty. It feels like a light fluffy putty but if you wait a few minutes, it spreads out like slime! This is great for sensory play for babies, toddlers and kids!

This has only 2 ingredients – cornflour and shampoo! I use kids shampoo as it is non toxic (since kids have it all over their heads and faces), and it smells nice! PLUS it is sooo easy to clean out of the kids fingers, hair and clothes, and they smell like beautiful clean kids after it! 🙂

The shampoo I use doesn’t have a colour, so I added food colouring to half of the batch so the boys could squish the colours together.

My ‘neat’ twin Ethan only played with this with 1 hand and got over it after 10 minutes, however my ‘messy’ twin Harley LOVED this, really got into it and is something that would entertain him for hours! Either way, it is a great activity for them, and gives me a moment of quiet time to have a coffee!! 🙂



Add all ingredients to bowl.


Mix 10 seconds/Speed 4. Scrape down.
Mix a further 15 seconds/Speed 4.


Optional – add food colouring – I spoon out half the mixture and colour the other half (mix for a further 10 seconds/Speed 4)





Feels like putty…


After a few minutes it spreads like slime!







2 Ingredient Slime Putty

Print Recipe


  • 190 grams cornflour
  • 150 grams kids shampoo
  • (Optional) food colouring





Add all ingredients to bowl.


Mix 10 seconds/Speed 4. Scrape down.


Mix a further 15 seconds/Speed 4.


Spoon out and play!




Add all ingredients to a medium sized bowl.


Mix with a spoon and fingers until all combined.


Spoon out and play!


Depending on the type of shampoo you use, you have have to add a little bit more or less shampoo/cornflour in the mix! Experiment and have a go - however if you use more cornflour it will be more putty-ish, and if you use more shampoo it will be more slime-ish!


Christmas/ Craft/ Non Thermomix/ Thermomix/ Twins

Advent Calendar for 1 year olds

After years of searching, I’ve finally found a wooden Advent Calendar that I am in love with!!! I got this beauty from Target!
As the boys are still young for little toys like yoyos, lollies/chocolates, activities like Christmas light watching (the boys are in bed before it’s dark!), this is my 25 days of Christmas advent Calendar activities suitable for 15 month old toddlers (and the family)!!
1. Take photos with Santa
2. Start wearing Christmas Pyjamas
3. Finger paint Christmas cards/wrapping paper
4. Read Christmas stories
5. Feed the birds some bird seed
6. Make salt dough hand print Christmas ornaments
7. Sing and dance to Christmas carols
8. Take Christmas themed photos at home
9. Make homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows (their first taste of hot chocolate!)
10. Check out Christmas displays at a shopping centre
11. Stocking game – place toys in Christmas stockings and get them to pull them out one by one to play with
12. Have a picnic in the backyard with Christmas themed food
13. Go the beach and make sandcastles
14. Make little canvas paintings for presents – use painters tape, and tape a shape/initial on a canvas, and finger print on top – when dry, peel off the painters tape!
15. Play with bubbles
16. Make easy ‘snow globes’ for presents
17. Make Christmas shapes out of red and green playdough
18. Feed the fish some bread
19. Run in the sprinklers in the garden
20. Play with Christmas stickers
22. Play with red and green balloons
25. Take family photos in front of the tree and open presents!!
I cut out little cards to write the activities on to put inside the Advent Calendar boxes – Christmas shapes – I placed 3 colours of paper together and cut them together once to save time!
Write the No.’s 1 to 25 onto the shapes
Write down the activities (see my list above)
Place them in the corresponding box
Advent Calendar all ready to go for December!!