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Milo Ice Blocks

We love ice blocks! These are actually the first lot of ice blocks I’ve given the boys. They are nearly 18 months, so I thought it was about time, especially given the heatwave Sydney has had this week! And they looooved them!
I used Décor Likety Sips Ice Block moulds (, however you can use any type, any brand, but these measurements fill the 4 x iceblock moulds EXACTLY!
If you use other ice block moulds, make the ice blocks as per the following recipe and if it needs a bit more filling, top up with more milk.


Pour into moulds
Freeze overnight
Freeze overnight
Serve dipped in extra Milo (optional)
Milo Ice Blocks
Messy boys!
Milo coma!

Milo Ice Blocks

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  • 300 grams milk (any type - I use A2 Full Cream)
  • 75 grams Milo



Method (Thermomix)


Add all ingredients into bowl. Mix 40 seconds/50 degrees/Speed 4.


Pour into ice block moulds and freeze overnight.


Method (Stovetop)


Add all ingredients into a small pot. Stir with a whisk/spatula until Milo and milk have mixed together into a chocolate milk.


Pour into ice block moulds and freeze overnight.