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Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Spray

I am currently obsessed with Eucalyptus oil for cleaning! I use it to clean/deoderise the toilets, I add a capful with my clothes in the washing machine, cleaning the boys bath, and I looove using it with hot water to mop the floors! I love the smell and everything feels squeaky clean! So I thought I’d make up a multi purpose spray for the kitchen, bathroom and to clean up after two messy toddlers!! 

I bought the spray bottle for $2 at the Reject Shop and have seen them at dollar shops, and Coles/Woolworths etc. Ends up so much cheaper than buying a multi purpose spray, and I don’t freak out about inhaling it like I do with all the chemical based sprays! In fact, it’s fantastic for the sinuses!!! 😉

Add all ingredients to bowl
Mix 1 minute/80 degrees/Speed 1
Decant into a spray bottle and enjoy!

Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Spray

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  • 250 grams water
  • 140 grams white vinegar
  • 5 grams dish washing concentrate
  • 5 grams Eucalyptus oil



METHOD (Thermomix):


Add the above ingredients to the bowl.


Mix 1 minute/80 degrees/Speed 1.


Pour into a spray bottle.


METHOD (Non Thermomix):


Boil water, and add all ingredients into a jug.


Mix well pour into a spray bottle.


Note: Shake bottle before use.