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Coconut Ice Cake

This is my mum’s birthday cake for 2016! Her favourite sweet is coconut ice, and she also loves marshmallows – so I thought I would combine the 2!

This Coconut Ice Cake consists of two layers of Coconut Butter Cake, Coconut Buttercream, topped with toasted marshmallow, coconut ice balls, white roses, edible glitter, pink sugar rocks and edible gold leaf.

1. The Cake – Coconut Butter Cake x 2 Cakes

I used my 30 Second Vanilla Butter Cake recipe – and added 1 teaspoon coconut essence (instead of Vanilla) and 20 grams desiccated coconut.

2. The Icing – Coconut Buttercream x 4 Batches

I used my Perfect Buttercream Icing recipe – and added 1 teaspoon of coconut essence (instead of Vanilla) per batch.

3. Toasted Marshmallows

I used my Vanilla Bean Marshmallow recipe – dripped it onto the cake, and torched it, and poured and set the remaining in a slice tin (made a big batch!)

4. Coconut Ice Balls

I used my Coconut Ice Balls recipe and shaped it in various sizes to top the cake.

5. Assembly of the cake is illustrated as follows:
























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Flower Power Cake

This was the cake that I made for my grandma’s 87th birthday!

This was a really easy and simple cake to make and includes:

1. 30 Second Vanilla Buttercake (x 2 cakes in 20cm cake tins) with toasted coconut in-between cake layers

2. Perfect Buttercream Icing (x 4 batches) piped with a Wilton 2D piping tip

3. Candy Melt Flowers (Red and Pink Candy Melts melted in ziplock bags and piped into flower shapes) with edible gold leaf.

I don’t speak/read/write in Chinese, however I copied some Chinese writing which says ‘Happy Birthday’ for my Chinese speaking grandma – and lucky she knew what it said! I was worried I copied the characters poorly lol!!

Assembly of the cake is illustrated in the photos below:








flowerpowercake-p09 flowerpowercake-p10






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Pot Plant Dessert

I made this for my dad’s birthday ‘cake’ this year. He doesn’t like cake or ice-cream, and he is a keen gardener so this was perfect for him! His birthday is also a few days after the boys, so we celebrated his birthday with theirs this year, and as I was really busy with the boys cakes, this was great as this could be pre-made the day or 2 before!

This Pot Plant Dessert simply consists of:

  1. Milo Mousse
  2. Chocolate Soil
  3. Fresh mint leaves

I made the Chocolate Soil 2 days beforehand, Milo Mousse the night beforehand (and set it in the pot straight away), assembled the Chocolate Soil on top of the Milo Mousse in the morning of the day, and kept it in the fridge until ‘cake cutting’ and serving time.

Serve on a tray with gardening gloves and a spade (I couldn’t find a clean one, so used one of the boys toy mini rakes instead) but in hindsight I should have thought ahead and bought a new clean one – as it would look fantastic with this! I used an Ikea Socker Plant Pot (which is 99 cents) to display this dessert in – looks pot planty, and I felt the metal was ‘cleaner’ than using a terracotta type pot.









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Car Drip Cakes – Ethan and Harley’s 2nd Birthday Cake

Car Drip Cakes for my 2 year old car loving boys!!

I wanted to incorporate¬†the fun look of a drip cake, with cars which the boys are loving right now! My husband had doubts of it looking like a ‘car’ whilst I was making this, but the end result turned out better than I thought, and the boys kept on pointing at their cakes very excitedly saying ‘CAR!’ so mission accomplished!! ūüôā

These are the first cakes that I’ve made using ALL of my recipes which is exciting and special for myI boys!!

The cakes consist of Milo Fudge Cakes topped with Perfect Buttercream Icing, drizzled with White Chocolate Ganache, and decorated with Fruit Jelly Lolly wheels, silver sprinkles and gold leaf windows, and a chocolate smiley face.


A few days before the boys birthday, I made 4 x Milo Fudge Cakes (I only needed 3, but made 1 spare) – each ‘car’ consisted of the Milo Fudge Cake baked in a loaf pan, and a 15cm round cake pan (cut in half for the top of the car shape). I cooked the cakes a few minutes longer so it was more like a Milo mudcake (less gooey fudgy) so that it was firm to decorate. Once the cakes were cooled, I double wrapped the cakes in plastic cling wrap, double wrapped them in foil, then popped in them in the freezer.



I made 1 x batch of Fruit Jelly Lollies – I used apple and blackcurrant juice, added edible black glitter, and blue gel food colouring to make the jelly really dark. I then poured it into a silicon baking pan and set it in the fridge overnight.



I made another 1 x batch of Fruit Jelly Lollies – this time with coconut water (so it was a light colour). I then used cookie cutters to cut out ‘E’, ‘H’ and ‘2’ from the dark blue/black glitter Fruit Jelly Lolly mixture. I then placed the cut out ‘E’, ‘H’ and ‘2’ into silicon muffin trays, and then poured the coconut water Fruit Jelly Lollies over them to set in the fridge. I could see the colouring spread into the light coloured coconut water jelly, however only the colouring spread into this, not the glitter, so the ‘E’, ‘H’ and ‘2’ were still quite visible.




I took out the cakes from the freezer and decorated the cakes whilst frozen/defrosting. I cut the circle shaped cake in half with a large sharp knife. I attached the bottom loaf shaped cake to the cake tray with melted chocolate (so it doesn’t move around).

I then made 2 x batches of Perfect Buttercream Icing at a time (2 x batches per Car Drip Cake = 4 x batches in total for the 2 cakes) with Wilton ‘Teal’ Gel Food Colouring. I iced a ‘crumb layer’ of the cakes, and attached the cakes with a wooden skewer to keep them in place. I then placed the cakes to set in the fridge for an hour.

Once the crumb layer was firm, I iced another layer of buttercream icing, and smoothed the icing with a dough scraper (this took the looongest time out of everything!)

I then let the cakes set in the fridge overnight.








I made the White Chocolate Ganache, and let it sit on the bench for about an hour to thicken. I then dripped it on the sides and middle of the cake with a metal teaspoon, then placed the cakes back in the fridge to set. I added white chocolate melts/dark chocolate chips for eyes, and dark chocolate piped on as a smily face. I then added silver sprinkles in the shape of windows, gold leaf on the drips inside the ‘windows’ and then attached the Fruit Jelly Lolly wheels with toothpicks.





















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Easy Watermelon Cake

This Easy Watermelon Cake consists of my 30 Second Vanilla Buttercream Cake (with chocolate chips ‘watermelon seeds’) and iced with Perfect Buttercream Icing.

This is very easy to make and ice, looks amazing as a whole cake, and looks spectacular in individual cake slices – making it fantastic for a bake sale, or to take pre-cut into the office or school.


Add all ingredients (EXCEPT for the chocolate chips) into the bowl.


Mix 30 seconds/Speed 6.


Pour and spread into a greased/lined baking tin.


Weigh out chocolate chips.


Pour dark chocolate chips over the top of the batter and gently stir into the top of the mixture (don’t stir in too much or the choc chips will sink to the bottom).


Bake for 35 minutes or until skewer comes out clean.


Wait to cool before icing.


ICING ‚Äď make 1 batch of ‘Perfect Buttercream Icing‘. Divide the batch of icing into thirds = 1. White, 2. Red (add ¬ľ teaspoon red food colouring), and 3. Green (add ¬ľ teaspoon green food colouring). Ice cake as per pictures and top with a handful of dark chocolate chips.










Easy Watermelon Cake

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Cooking Time: 35 minutes


  • 210 grams self raising flour
  • 190 grams butter
  • 170 grams sugar
  • 80 grams milk
  • 40 grams cornflour
  • 3 x eggs
  • 2 teaspoons vanilla bean paste/extract
  • 1 teaspoon red food colouring
  • 150 grams dark chocolate chips



Preheat oven to 160 degrees.


Add all ingredients (EXCEPT for the chocolate chips) into the bowl. Mix 30 seconds/Speed 6.


Pour and spread into a greased/lined baking tin.


Pour dark chocolate chips over the top of the batter and gently stir into the top of the mixture (don’t stir in too much or the choc chips will sink to the bottom).


Bake for 35 minutes or until skewer comes out clean. Wait to cool before icing.


ICING ‚Äď make 1 batch of 'Perfect Buttercream Icing' (click on link in photos). Divide the batch of icing into thirds = 1. White, 2. Red (add ¬ľ teaspoon red food colouring), and 3. Green (add ¬ľ teaspoon green food colouring). Ice cake as per pictures and top with a handful of dark chocolate chips.


This looks amazing as a whole cake, and cut in slices - is great for a bake sale, or to take into school/office pre-cut into 'watermelon' slices.

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Profiterole Stack

My brother’s 30th birthday ‘cake’!

Profiteroles filled with milo mousse and thick vanilla custard, topped with dark chocolate, spun sugar, and silver and blue cachous.

This was the 2nd time I’ve made profiteroles from scratch (the first time was when I first got my Thermomix!), and the first time trying to stack them!

I wouldn’t call this a croquembouche as it’s not neat enough – there’s usually a styrofoam cone shape underneath those to keep the shape neat, so I’ve called this a ‘stack’!


I made my¬†Milo Mousse¬†and¬†Thermomumma’s Thick Vanilla Custard¬†for the filling. This needs to be made first so that it can be chilled in the fridge for a few hours.


I made the 2 x batches of Choux Pastry from the Basic Cookbook TM5 Chip. I made big ones and small ones so that there were varying sizes to stack.


I made a small hole in the bottom of the profiteroles with a small knife, and piped the¬†Milo Mousse¬†and¬†Thermomumma’s Thick Vanilla Custard¬†into the bottom.

I placed 1 cup of dark chocolate chips in a Pyrex bowl and microwaved for 1 minute, then stirred until it was all melted and combined.

With a spatula, I placed melted chocolate at the bottom of the profiteroles and placed them on a wooden board, put melted chocolate on the tops of them, then worked my way up with the profiteroles, using melted chocolate and the bottom of each of them so that they would hold up in the stack.

I also used toothpicks to help hold them all. Once that was all assembled, I placed this in the fridge to set.

I wasn’t quite happy with the profterole stack plain, so I found a¬†spun sugar recipe¬†with instructions¬†(my first time!) – as it looks ‘easy enough’ on Masterchef!¬†

It was pretty easy and looked pretty amazing for my first go!! I LOVED the outcome of the spun sugar:




HOW AMAZING DOES THIS LOOK!? BUT…¬†this totally needs to be done JUST before serving. I AM SO GLAD I TOOK HEAPS OF PHOTOS STRAIGHT AWAY!!! Haha!! You’re not supposed to place this in the fridge as the spun sugar is sensitive to the moisture and will melt (like fairy floss). So I left this out on the bench whilst I had a shower before going out to dinner (we were coming back after dinner to have cake for dessert). Right after my shower, the spun sugar had already started melting and the ‘fluffiness’ was gone, so I thought, stuff it and put it in the fridge (as it would be nicer with cold profiteroles with a cold filling and crunchy chocolate). When we got back from dinner, the spun sugar was pretty much melted off, but there were thicker bits which looked pretty cool, so it wasn’t a COMPLETE fail thank goodness!! But¬†definitely¬†not¬†what it started off with!! *insert crying emoticon here* :'(

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‘Princess of Pop-corn’ Cake

My birthday cake to celebrate my decade anniversary of being 21 years old! ūüėČ

The cake consists of 30 second whole orange cake, with cream cheese frosting between layers, torched meringue, toffee and popcorn shards, pink rock candy, edible glitter and gold leaf.
1. The Cake
I made 3 x 30 second whole orange cakes, the day before assembly. I then cut the tops of each cake, and cut each cake in half to create 6 even layers.

 2. The Frosting
I doubled this Cream Cheese Frosting recipe and mixed it for approx 1 minute 15 seconds, with a spatula to assist the stirring. I then placed it in a container to firm up in the fridge (otherwise it can get really sloppy when trying to pipe).
3. The Toffee and Popcorn Shards
I like to make toffee the old fashioned way on the stove top, 1 cup of caster sugar: 1/4 cup water in a stainless steel pot (so you can clearly see the sugar caramelise) on medium heat. Don’t stir at all, and just swirl around the contents in the pot as it bubbles and slowly turns into an amber colour.¬†
In the meantime, microwave the popcorn (I use the butter flavoured popcorn sachets), spread onto a tray, then pour the toffee over the popcorn to set.
4. The Meringue
I used icing sugar instead of milling the sugar in Step 1, as I wanted my bowl super clean and dry for the meringue, so started straight on Step 2. 
5. The Assembly
Place some cream cheese on the cake board (to hold the cake)
Using a thick round nozzle, pipe from outside in – doesn’t need to be super neat, but just needs to be evenly piped as it’ll all be squished between the cake layers

Repeat for the 6 layers of cake
Finish off the top of the cake, by turning the bottom of one of the cakes upside down (for a sharper finish)

¬†Place 4 x wooden skewers through the cake layers so it doesn’t lean (as cream cheese is a bit sloppy at room temp)

 Roughly top with meringue, starting from the top, and randomly cascading down some of the sides 


Torch with a kitchen blow torch

Top with the toffee and popcorn shards, gold leaf, edible glitter, pink rock candy and personalised cake topper (if you have one) – I saved this one from my 30th birthday last year!