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Slime Putty and Bath Time!

Slime Putty Day!!

Today I made the boys my 2 Ingredient Slime Putty! Best thing about getting gross and sticky from the slime putty is that I chuck the boys into the bath with their trays full of slime putty and bits & pieces to wash themselves (as it’s made with kids shampoo!)! So that’s craft time, clean up and bathtime all-in-1!!

I made 2 batches and added a tablespoon of glitter in each batch. I added pink/blue food colouring in 1 batch to make purple putty (Harley’s fave colour) and an extra squirt of kids shampoo to make it slimier (so they had 2 diff textures to play with). The girls joined in with the excitement and got to watch the boys get their slime on!

Very quick & easy 2 ingredient recipe *Thermomix & Regular Methods* CLICK HERE for the recipe!


Baby Sensory Shaker Bottles

This morning the boys made sensory shaker bottles for their baby sisters!

Three years ago I made a water + food colouring version when the boys were this age however the water made it too heavy for the babies to lift up and shake, and I was always paranoid it would be stepped/sat on & leak coloured water! So today we did a dry version which was a fun craft activity for the boys! They absolutely loved making a little present for their sisters!

You can use whatever you have at home, but we used:

Clear plastic bottles with labels removed (an apple cider vinegar bottle and a juice bottle)
Red lentils
Pom poms
Coloured pipe cleaners
Foam shapes
Electric tape to secure the bottle cap (so it can’t be accidentally opened)

The girls are loving their bottles and the boys are having fun with them just as much as the babies so looks like we will have to make more!

Let me know if you make one for your little one(s)!!

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Play Snow

This is an easy sensory play snow which looks like snow but can also be moulded and shaped! PERFECT for when you want to build a snowman…and you live in stinking hot Australia!!! (and perfect for an Elf on the Shelf activity!!)


Play Snow

Print Recipe


  • 400 grams baking soda (bicarb soda)
  • 50 grams conditioner



METHOD (Thermomix):


Place all ingredients in bowl - mix 10 seconds/Speed 4.


METHOD (regular):


Place all ingredients in medium sized bowl. Mix through with your fingers or a spoon until all ingredients are combined and a 'snow' like texture.


You can use any type of conditioner - I use whatever's cheapest in my house ie. Herbal Essence.