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Sprinkle Cake

This is my mums birthday cake last year, a sprinkle cake!
Sprinkle Cake
This was the first cake I made post-giving-birth and I was busting to bake and make something!
One of my mums favourite sweets is coconut ice, so wanted a cake to reflect that.
This cake consists of 6 layers of cake, alternating with plain butter cake, coconut cake, and citrus coconut cake (pre Thermomix days, I made in my Kitchenaid).
I covered it in vanilla buttercream, a sh*tload of sprinkles and a white fondant bow painted with edible gold paint.
It was one of the most fiddly cakes I’ve ever made as it is really difficult to roll the sides of the cake in sprinkles without the layers moving around and sprinkles bouncing EVERYWHERE in the house, but  it looks so amazing when finished!
Butter Cake:
Coconut Cake:
Citrus Coconut Cake:
This is the tutorial I used to decorate the cake:
Sprinkle Cake from the Top
Sprinkle Cake

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