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Salted Caramel Icecream

So…this comes a very close 2nd place to my favourite icecream – choc mint (!
Salted Caramel Icecream
I have been eyeing this icecream and its raving reviews for a few weeks, but needed to clear out my Costco purchases from my freezer to make room for one of my Tovolo icecream containers! So glad this day has come!!!
The choc mint icecream is still simpler to make, less ingredients and can be frozen right away and eaten the next day. However this recipe has a few more steps, temperature settings and you need to initially freeze for a few hours an d then take it out again, re-beat and add the chocolate chips (so the icecream becomes creamier) and then re-start the freezing process all over again, so you have to leave some time and be a tad more organised on the day that you make it (if you want to have ice cream the next day!!!)
It is definitely worth the effort!!!
Salted Caramel Icecream Recipe:
The recipe suggests 150 grams dark chocolate (chopped). I forgot to blitz some in the Thermomix (like I do with the choc mint one) so I quickly hand chopped a handful (haven’t done that in a while!), and just added a whole lot of dark chocolate chips – about 250 grams in total (you can never have enough chocolate chips!).
Mixture in the Thermomix
In my Tovolo icecream container to freeze for a few hours, take out and beat again, the freeze again
It has the perfect amount of salt (some salted caramel recipes I’ve made you have to kind of ‘imagine’ the salt in it, or it’s just so salty it’s almost a savoury dish!). It is light and creamy and very moreish!!! Highly recommend this!!!

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