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Risotto Frittata

This recipe seems to be ‘breaking the internet’ amongst Thermomixers at the moment with the school holidays starting. This is a healthy and delicious meal for the kids (and adults).
Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata with a Twist
Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata with a Twist Recipe:
So, mine didn’t turn out very attractive!! 🙁 I think this was due to me adding an extra 200 grams vegetables (celery) and also not using muffin cases – I just put them straight into my mini muffin and muffin sized silicon trays. I used a knife to go around the sides of the mini muffins to lift it out and most of them crumbled when I lifted it out. With the large muffin size, I used a knife to go around the sides then turned it upside down to pop it out onto a tray – and that worked! <– use this method instead!! 😉
Lots of veggies! I added an extra 200gm veg including celery
3 components to the recipe: cheese mixture, risotto, and vegetable puree
Mix them all together and then mix through 2 eggs once the mixture is cooled
Spoon mixture into muffin pans and top with cheese
Not the best looking photo, but YUM!
I placed them straight into containers to freeze
Verdict: My ‘lately’ fussy boys looooved it and for once, more went into their mouth than chucking it on the floor!!

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