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Easy Carbonara Pasta Sauce (Non Thermomix Recipe)

This is another pasta sauce I’ve been making for many years and is a favourite with my immediate and extended family, so I make it for most family events as it is great for a side dish. It is also great to make for weekday dinners with leftovers for lunch/dinner the next day! This is super quick and easy and is one of those recipes I make if I can’t think what else to make as it is always delicious!
I always have bacon in the freezer, so I usually put anywhere from 250 to 500 grams in this recipe (depending on how meaty I feel like having it) – I chose 300 grams for the recipe below. You could also add chicken and fry it with the bacon, or even add leftover roast chicken to bulk it up.
I usually use penne or fettucine pasta’s with this (depends what I feel like or what I have in the pantry!)
I make this in the frying pan (instead of Thermomix) as I loved bacon when it’s fried and charred/smokey and it brings a depth of flavours with the garlic and onion – mmmmmm!!
Easy Carbonara Pasta Sauce Ingredients
Easy Carbonara Pasta Sauce simmering
Serve with any type of pasta and top with parmesan cheese
This sauce is perfect for 1 x standard 500gm packet of pasta. I made this to go with a (3 – 4 serving) batch of homemade penne pasta in my new Philips Pasta machine – soooo delicious!!!

Easy Carbonara Pasta Sauce (Non Thermomix Recipe)

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  • 1 tablespoon Rice Bran Oil
  • 1 tablespoon minced garlic
  • 1 x brown onion (diced)
  • Approx. 300 grams short cut bacon (cut into 1/2cm strips)
  • 1 x 600ml bottle thickened cream
  • 1 x handful of chopped fresh parsley or 1-2 teaspoons of dried parsley flakes
  • Salt and Pepper to taste
  • 1 x handful of shredded parmesan cheese



In a medium to large frying pan, heat the rice bran oil on high heat.


Add the minced garlic and fry till browned.


Add the diced onion and fry till browned.


Add the bacon strips and fry till browned/shrunken in size.


Add the thickened cream and turn to low heat and simmer for 10 minutes. 


Add the parsley, salt and pepper and simmer on low until ready to serve.


Cook and stir through pasta and top with parmesan cheese.

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Finger Food Ideas for Babies and Toddlers

Here are my ‘tried and tested’ list of finger foods for my boys!
When Ethan and Harley started to want to eat themselves, I did a lot of online and book research for finger food ideas. My boys are HUGE for their age, and looove their food. They are not fussy (…most of the time) and have no food intolerances which makes it really easy for me to prepare their meals! My rule is to have the most colourful ‘tasting’ plate of foods so the boys experience a variety of different foods, textures, smells and flavours. I’ve read that a colourful plate of food is a nutritious one! So I make sure I cover lots of food colours in the meals the boys eat (except for when we are out and using the pram!). I’ve also read that the more variety of foods you give a baby when they are young, the less fussy they will be when they grow older (this isn’t tried and tested yet, so *fingers crossed*)!
Thermotwinning’s Finger Food Ideas for Babies and Toddlers
Koala sandwich with Mayvers Super Spread on a bed of baby spinach, cherry tomatoes, babybel cheese, steamed broccoli and carrot, strawberries (quartered), hard boiled egg, and pizza pockets 
The boys with their ‘pram friendly’ finger foods (i.e. nothing juicy or coloured like vegemite, tomatoes, berries, watermelon etc)
Dinosaur sandwich with cream cheese on a bed of baby spinach, cheese and crackers, dried apricots, freeze dried apple, and whole orange and poppyseed muffin with almond and chia seeds 
Another ‘pram friendly’ lunch box
Cheese and bacon rolls, sweet eating cucumber, tasty cheese, mini fruit balls, pear and crackers

Pancakes/waffles – these are some that I make that freezes and reheats well:
– Pumpkin Pancakes (The boys fave!!)
– Sweet Potato Waffles 
– Berry Coconut Flour Pancakes 

Wholemeal sandwich, toast or Cruskits with the following spreads:
– Baby purees including fruit purees (instead of jam)
– Vegemite
– Mayvers Super Spread (can be found with the peanut butter section/organics section)
– Cream cheese
– Avocado
– Mashed banana
– Jam

Raisin Toast (there is a wholemeal version available) – freezes and reheats well

Scrambled eggs – in a bowl, add egg(s) (about 1 per child) + a splash of milk + a small handful of grated tasty cheese – microwave 1 minute on high, stir, then microwave 30 seconds at a time stirring in between until cooked. Leave to cool for a few minutes – the tasty cheese gives it some flavour and also helps the egg firm up so it is easier to grip (my husband’s trick! he makes it for the boys on the days I’m at work) – goes well with vegemite on toast!

Sultana Bran Buds (link here) or similar type bite sized cereals (soaked in some milk to soften)

***With a spoon:


Wholemeal sandwich, toast or Cruskits with the following spreads:
– Baby purees including fruit purees (instead of jam) and savoury ‘main meal’ ones
– Vegemite
– Cream cheese
– Mayvers Super Spread (can be found with the peanut butter section/organics section)
– ‘The Laughing Cow’ cheese triangles – squished and spread 
– Cream cheese mixed with sardines (super nutritious but best left to eat at home as it‘s a bit on the nose!) my boys love this!
– Vegemite and sliced tasty cheese
– Avocado
– Mashed banana
– Jam 

Wholemeal Toast Cheesy Melts – I use one or some of these toppings and top it with a piece of sliced tasty cheese and pop it in the air fryer or grill for 5 minutes/180 degrees
– Tinned tuna
– Ham
– Scrambled eggs
– Tomatoes
– Tinned red salmon
– Avocado
– Bolognese sauce
– Gourmet sausages cut up into small pieces
– Roast/poached chicken (shredded)
– Leftover meat diced into small pieces

Pizza Pockets (link here– freezes and reheats well

Pasta – any type, I usually use elbow pasta, macaroni or small sea shells as they are easy to pick up – freezes and reheats well. I generally use a cheesy white sauce base, vegetable puree, or tomato based sauce for the pasta sauce with the following fillings:
– Tinned red salmon
– Fresh salmon (de-skinned and de-boned)
– White fish like Ling or Barramundi (de-skinned and de-boned)
– Bacon/ham
– Chicken Thigh Fillets (they have more nutrients than breast fillets)
– Pork, chicken or Beef mince
– Peas
– Broccoli
– Sweet Potato
– Pumpkin
– Carrots
– Zucchini
– Frozen Veg i.e. peas and carrot
– Or cooked pasta with grated cheese melted on top (easy and not messy if you’re out!)

Some of the boys’ fave pasta recipes:

Meatballs – Any combo of chicken/pork/beef mince + hidden blitzed up veggies – freezes and reheats well

Salmon Patties – I use a recipe from the Thermomix Cooking for your Baby and Toddler book – however this is a great Salmon Rissole recipe – freezes and reheats well
Risotto or Pasta Muffin Cups – With any risotto or pasta recipe, just place in muffin tins and top with tasty or cheddar cheese, and bake for about 20 minutes/180 degrees until cheese is melted and golden. Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata is a great recipe – freezes and reheats well

Hot Dog Buns (Chinese Sausage Rolls) (link here) – freezes and defrosts well

Sushi – This is great for older babies if you’re out and need to takeaway something for them. My boys love the mini ones and make sure you don’t get the raw fillings, so I usually get avocado, tuna, cucumber, or egg ones. The sushi rice is really sticky so I find it really easy to clean up after them! You can make Sushi yourself – this is a great recipe – Thermobexta’s Egg and Avocado Sushi
Thermomumma’s Garlic, Cheese and Spinach Naan (link here) – freezes and reheats well
***With a spoon/fork:

Sweet eating cucumbers (halved or quartered lengthwise) – these are mini cucumbers you can get at green grocers, Coles/Woolies and Aldi – usually in the refrigerated vegetable section with the lettuce

Cherry/grape tomatoes (halved lengthwise) – the boys fave are the Gold Sweet Eating Grape tomatoes (they are orange in colour) these are the ones from Coles, they are sweeter than normal Cherry tomatoes which can sometimes be quite tarte

Steamed carrots and green beans (cut in half, then quartered lengthwise) – Fill bowl with water just above the blades, place carrots into steaming basket (I usually make about 2 carrots and a handful of beans then place in fridge to use as needed), then steam 16 minutes/Varoma/Speed 1

Steamed Broccoli Trees – Fill bowl with water just above the blades, place carrots into steaming basket (I usually cut 1 lot of broccoli then place in fridge to use as needed), then steam 12 minutes/Varoma/Speed 1

Steamed Zucchini – Fill bowl with water just above the blades, place carrots into steaming basket (I usually cut 2 lots of zucchini then place in fridge to use as needed), then steam 9 minutes/Varoma/Speed 1

Sweet potato (roasted/air fried/steamed)

Pumpkin (roasted/air fried/steamed)

Potato (roasted/air fried/steamed)

Lettuce/spinach leaves (any type though I steer clear of the bitter ones like rocket)

Cooked peas – Fresh, frozen or dehydrated

Capsicum (Cut into sticks)


Apples (quartered, cored, then each quarter cut into 3 wedges) I leave the skin on as it has a lot of vitamins/nutrition in it, or else there are ‘kid’s lunchbox’ apples which are smaller which my boys love to use their teeth and bite into!

Pears (quartered, cored, then each quarter cut into 3 wedges) I leave the skin on as above

Seedless Watermelon
(cut into small pieces (one of the boys faves but I leave it for home as it is so messy!)


 (halved or quartered)

Grapes (halved lengthwise)


White or Yellow Peaches

White or Yellow Nectarines




(Fridge or freezer)


(Freezes and defrosts well)


(Freezes and defrosts well)

(Freezes and defrosts well)


(Freezes and defrosts well)


(Keeps in fridge for a few weeks)



Hard Boiled Eggs – Fill bowl with water just above the blades, place eggs into steaming basket – cook 15 minutes/Varoma/Speed 1
Tasty or cheddar cheese – pre-sliced/cut into thin pieces
Cheese sticks (these are softer, I would wait to introduce it around 10 months as I found the boys would squish it in their hands and smoosh it everywhere before it got to their mouths)

Babybel Cheese

Deli meats – ham, turkey, Skinnymixers Lunchbox Chicken Loaf

Shredded chicken (poached, roasted)

Crackers – Jatz, Ritz etc

Arnott’s Shredded Wheatmeal biscuits

Fruit straps (100% dehydrated fruit) I have made them like the Strawberry Chips but they have a really short shelf life when homemade (when the boys are older and eat more it’ll better!) but my recent fave are Annie’s Fruit Straps as they are great to leave in the baby bag
Mini Fruit Balls (link here) – can be frozen and defrosted

Cruskits – These are a great alternative to the ‘baby section’ rice crackers which are sooooo $$$$$$ which I use for snacks when we go out

Dried apricots
Dried apples


Tinned pineapple pieces

Freeze dried fruit (I buy mine from Costco, Bellamy’s Organic also have some)

Veggie Straws (I also buy these from Costco but you can get them from the heath food section)
Skinnymixer’s Cheesy Pumpkin Puffs (link here) – freezes and reheats well

***With a spoon:
Getting into their pizza pockets!
Wholemeal toast cheesy melt with Bolognese sauce #nomnomnom
Main Meal/ Thermomix

Cheesy Spuds

This is great for when you have leftover pasta sauce, or if you want a quick and easy meal and let the Thermomix do all the work!
Cheesy Spuds
4 – 8 washed potatoes
1. Add 1000ml of water to the bowl.
2. Place potatoes into the varoma steaming tray.
Place potatoes in varoma steaming tray
3. Cook for 60 minutes/Varoma/Speed 4.
Cook 60 minutes/Varoma/Speed 4
4. Meanwhile, preheat oven to 200 degrees.
5. Once the potatoes are cooked (a fork should slide in like butter), place the potatoes on pieces of crumpled aluminium foil on a baking tray (it holds the shape of the potato) and cut a ‘cross’ shape into it, but not through it, to give some room for the fillings.
Cut a ‘cross’ shape
6. Place fillings into the ‘cross’ cut out shape, i.e. in this order I placed, Bolognese sauce, diced bacon bits, pineapple and a heap of pizza cheese on top.
+ Bolognese sauce
+ Bacon pieces
+ pineapple pieces
+ pizza cheese (blend of mozzarella/parmesan/tasty)
7. Place in oven and bake for 10 – 15 minutes or until cheese has melted and browning.
8. If you wish (and have them in your house!), top with sour cream, guacamole, salsa, and(or) cracked pepper.


Other topping ideas include:
Main Meal/ Thermomix

Chunky Spaghetti Bolognese

This has become my husbands favourite spaghetti bolognese recipe. It feeds 6 – 8 people so it gives us a few meals and is great for my husband to take to work.
Chunky Spaghetti Bolognese
Chunky Spaghetti Bolognese Recipe:
The mince meat is cooked in the steaming basket which keeps it ‘chunky’ as the Thermomix has the tendency of sometimes over blitzing meat to mush.
The recipe is fantastic, however I make the following changes:
  • Add 2 carrots + 3 stalks of celery and blitz it all together in 1 step with the garlic and onion for 10 seconds/Speed 5.
  • Add a whole tub of tomato paste (I hate having a half empty tub!)
Add additional carrot and celery
Blitz 10 seconds/Speed 5
Cook mince meat in the steaming basket
Mince meat cooked through along with the sauce
Add mince meat in the last 5 minutes to integrate with the tomato based sauce
Once the bolognese sauce is made, I keep it warm in my Thermoserver, and wash out the Thermomix bowl to make the spaghetti.
There is ALOT sauce made in this recipe. For half the sauce, I usually make about 400 grams if making 3 servings – 2 HUGE servings for my husband (including 1 to take to work the next day) and 1 smaller serving for myself.
I then refrigerate or freeze the remaining sauce for another day and make the spaghetti fresh for when I use it.
If using up the sauce in 1 lot for a big feed, I would make the spaghetti the old school way in a pot, as 400 grams is pretty much the max that would fit in through the MC hole. You could probably use up to 2 packets of spaghetti (1000 grams) as it is very ‘saucy’ and goes a long way.
SPAGHETTI (Thermomix)
1200L water
1 tablespoon salt
250 – 400 grams spaghetti (approx. 100 – 150 grams per serve)
1. Add water and salt in bowl and cook 10 minutes/100 degrees/ Speed 1 (MC on).
2. Add spaghetti through MC hole (MC off) and cook for time on package (mine is 11 minutes)/100 degrees/reverse/Speed 1)
The result is perfect al dente spaghetti everytime!!
Chunky Spaghetti Bolognese – I make 2 huge servings for my husband (1 straight into a container for his lunch the next day), 1 smaller serving for myself, and a lot of leftover sauce to refrigerate/freeze for another day.
Main Meal/ Thermomix

Corned Beef and Vegetables

I had never eaten this pre-Thermomix days, and I thought it seemed a bit like ‘grandma food’ so never even popped up on my radar! However, one day I saw it in the shops, bought it and have never looked back! I buy a lot of corned beef every time I go to the shops now, and make this at least every fortnight.


Corned Beef, Vegetables and Parsley Sauce

Thermomumma’s Cornmeat, Vege and Parsley Sauce Recipe:

I make this for special dinners with friends and family and I can stretch it up to 8 people. I also make it for a week night dinner with about 5-6 large servings, serve it straight onto plates and also containers ready to pack for my husband to take to work.

For a dinner party, serving up to 8 people
Weeknight dinner, plate servings + containers
Weeknight dinner, plate servings + containers

This is also a great dish to ‘show off’ your Thermomix’s capabilities as it uses both the steaming basket and Varoma steaming tray. All the juices from the corned beef and vegetables is then used to make the BEST SAUCE EVER!!!

All up, I start cooking this dish about 2 1/2 hours before serving time. Total cooking time in the Thermomix takes 2 hours, and I leave about 30 minutes to make the sauce and cut the beef.


Steaming the beef for a total 2 hours
(90 mins alone + 30 mins with veg)

I  have made this dish A LOT! I haven’t bought corned beef from the butcher before, but my biggest tip, is to buy the corned beef from Coles!! (and not the lean one)!! I find the one from Woolworths one has heaps more fat, doesn’t come out as soft and moist, and is a lot more saltier than the Coles one (I have tried it a few times if I’m shopping at Woolies and it still doesn’t impress me). There is also a ‘lean corned beef’ that you can buy and I find that too dry (kind of needs a bit of fat to soak itself into ;). Also, use your sharpest knife cut the meat REALLY THIN – somehow it just tastes better!

The sauce is the BEST. It uses the cooking sauce from the beef, but when I’m having another meat dish at home, like steak, I’ll use this sauce recipe separately and use 350 grams chicken stock instead of the cooking sauce. I also use save any leftover cooking sauce and add extra chicken stock to make a sauce for a pasta bake for the boys. I usually add a 210 gram tin of red salmon, fresh corn (or any other vegetables I have in the house), mix in the sauce, top with cheddar cheese and the bake for about 15- 20 minutes at 180 degrees.

Kids pasta bake = 1 cup of pasta shells + 1 x 210 gram tin red salmon
+ fresh corn +1 x batch of sauce
Top with grated cheddar cheese
Bake for 15 to 20 minutes at 180 degrees


Baby Food/ Healthy/ Main Meal/ Thermomix

Risotto Frittata

This recipe seems to be ‘breaking the internet’ amongst Thermomixers at the moment with the school holidays starting. This is a healthy and delicious meal for the kids (and adults).
Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata with a Twist
Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata with a Twist Recipe:
So, mine didn’t turn out very attractive!! 🙁 I think this was due to me adding an extra 200 grams vegetables (celery) and also not using muffin cases – I just put them straight into my mini muffin and muffin sized silicon trays. I used a knife to go around the sides of the mini muffins to lift it out and most of them crumbled when I lifted it out. With the large muffin size, I used a knife to go around the sides then turned it upside down to pop it out onto a tray – and that worked! <– use this method instead!! 😉
Lots of veggies! I added an extra 200gm veg including celery
3 components to the recipe: cheese mixture, risotto, and vegetable puree
Mix them all together and then mix through 2 eggs once the mixture is cooled
Spoon mixture into muffin pans and top with cheese
Not the best looking photo, but YUM!
I placed them straight into containers to freeze
Verdict: My ‘lately’ fussy boys looooved it and for once, more went into their mouth than chucking it on the floor!!
Main Meal/ Thermomix

Duck Pancakes

Duck Pancakes

Peking duck is usually served in Chinese restaurants in at least 2 courses. The first course is the duck pancakes which uses only the skin and fat (attached to the skin) of the duck. The second course is usually a noodle dish which uses the remaining meatier parts of the duck.
When my husband and I started dating a decade ago, he was introduced to a whole new world of Chinese food (besides sweet and sour pork, honey chicken and spring rolls). This has become his favourite Chinese dish, and I try and buy the ingredients to make it every time after going to the local Chinese shop. We used to also go to Chinese restaurants in the city for it and you need to commit to a whole duck, with at least 2 courses, paying at least $60.
For years I have been buying a roast duck with pre-made pancakes (usually x 10) and then making up a noodle dish with the remaining duck. However the favourite part of the dish is the pancakes, so thought I would make a whole lot of it so that we could just have a main meal consisting of just duck pancakes! My mum makes her own duck pancakes and I always thought it was troublesome, but after making it myself now, it is sooo easy and sooo much cheaper!!
I buy my roast duck from the local Chinese shop which sells duck/roast pork/roast chicken etc. I buy 1 x whole duck and ask for them to chop it up for me, so all I need to do is go home and debone everything. The ones in my area sell them for about $28-30 for a whole duck.
1 x roast duck
I use both the skin and meatier parts of the duck for the pancakes, as my husband loves his meat and it tastes more satisfying than just eating the skin and fat lol!
Makes 30 pancakes
450 grams plain flour
310 grams boiling water
1 teaspoon vegetable oil (I use olive oil)
Sesame oil (for brushing)
Extra plain flour (for rolling)
1. Add flour, boiling water and vegetable oil into bowl and knead – 3 minutes/kneading function.
Add flour, water and oil
2. Leave in mixing bowl to rest for 30 minutes.
Knead and rest for 30 mins
3. After 30 minutes, knead again – 3 minutes/kneading function.
After kneading again
4. Take dough out and place onto a floured benchtop.
Place dough on floured benchtop
5. Roll dough into a ball and cut into 3.
Cut into 3 pieces
6. Roll each section into a cylindrical shape.
Roll out into a cylindrical shape
7. Cut each cylinder into 8 – 10 pieces (try and keep it an even number, I cut mine into a total of 28 pieces).
Cut each cylinder into 8 – 10 pieces
8. Roll 2 pieces of dough at a time into balls, and flatten into a disc shape with the palm of your hand.
 Roll into balls (2 at a time)
Press into disc shapes with the palm of your hand
9. Brush the top of one disc shaped ball with sesame oil and place the other disc on top of it.
Sesame oil
Brush 1 disc with sesame oil
Place the other disc on top
2 x dough discs
10. Roll out into a round(ish) pancake until nice and thin. Set aside with baking paper between each pancake. Repeat with all dough pieces.
Roll out into pancakes
Roll until nice and thin
Set aside with baking paper in between
11. Preheat a medium sized frying pan on high heat, then turn to low to medium heat when ready to fry.
12. Place pancakes on a dry, ungreased frying pan. Cook both sides until you see light brown spots (if you fry it for too long and it becomes dark brown spots, it dries out).
 Place on a dry, ungreased pan
Fry until both sides have light brown spots
13. Once off the frying pan, peel the pancake in half (as previously separated with sesame oil in Step 9), and place the fried sides of the pancakes to the bottom of the plate. Repeat for all pancakes.

  Peel pancakes apart
 Keep peeling
Peel off and place the fried side of the pancakes facing the bottom of the plate
Serve with roast duck (deboned), hoi sin sauce, spring onions (the white and green parts sliced into approx. 6cm pieces) and cucumber (also sliced into approx. 6cm pieces).
Note: in the restaurants they just put 1 piece of duck, 1 piece of spring onion and 1 piece of cucumber, but at home I love to have an ABUNDANCE and INDULGENCE of everything (…because I can), and these pancakes are larger than the store bought stuff so you can fit a whole lot more fillings in there!
If the pancakes are made hours beforehand, or the day before and kept in the fridge, you can either microwave them prior to serving (a stack of them for about 1 minute) or steam in the Varoma for 10 minutes.
Duck pancakes
 My husband and I had a duck pancake pig-out for dinner last night, with heaps of leftovers for lunch today!
This would comfortably serve 4 people for a main meal, over 6 people for an entrée or up to 15 to 30 people for a canapé (1 to 2 serves each).
These are better, fresher, bigger and soooo much cheaper than store bought pancakes!!
Baby Food/ Bread/ Main Meal/ Non Thermomix/ Snacks/ Thermomix

Pizza Pockets – Adult and baby ‘mushroom’ size

This is reminiscent of the school canteen food from my childhood – pizza pockets! I had since bought it in a frozen 4 x pack and was highly disappointed – very dry dough, more dough than filling and they make them soooo tiny now!
So thought I would make them at home!
Pizza Pockets – Adult and baby ‘mushroom’ size
The large sized pizza pockets were made in mini round baking pans from Kmart which are $3.50/4 pack –—pack-of-4/625849
I made this in my Thermomix, however I have given an alternative method for Non-Thermomix users.
Thermomix – 2 x batches pizza dough from the BCB TM5 Chip
Non Thermomix – 2 x batches of the following recipe (This is the recipe I used pre-Thermomix days:)
1 x sachet yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup warm water
2 cups plain flour
1. Add yeast, sugar, salt and water into a large mixing bowl, mix together and rest for approximately 10 minutes until the mixture starts foaming.
2. Either by hand or using an electric mixer (with a dough hook), mix in flour and knead until the dough mixture comes off the sides of the bowl when kneading.
3. Cover the bowl (or place in oiled bowl if hand kneaded) with gladwrap for 30 minutes – 1 hour.
Pizza Dough
(You could use anything you like, but I found the below quantity just right for the amount I made)
150 grams ham
150 grams mild salami
150 grams sliced pineapple (placed on paper towels for a few minutes to drain excess juice)
300 grams pizza cheese (a mix of tasty/mozzarella/parmesan)
2 x 140 gram containers of Tomato Paste (to be spread onto flattened dough)
Thermomix – Place the meat, pineapple and cheese in the bowl and press the 1 second Turbo/4 times.
Non-Thermomix – Chop/dice meat and pineapple into small pieces and mix through cheese.
Pizza Pocket Filling
(This is based on the 2 x batches of Thermomix pizza dough, the non Thermomix dough recipe may make more or less) 
1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees.
2. Divide and weigh the dough into the following:
110 grams x 6 (for each large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets)
40 grams x 16 (for the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets)
 Divide and weigh dough
6 x large and 16 x small dough pieces
3. Flatten each piece of dough into a rough round shape using a rolling pin or the palm of your hand (I did both and they worked out the same).
Flatten with rolling pin
Flatten with palm of your hand
4. Spread with tomato paste and place filling in the middle:
3-4 tablespoons filling (for each large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets)
1 tablespoon filling (for the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets)
Spread with tomato paste
Place filling
5. Pinch the edge of the dough corners together so that it comes together at one point. Place the large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets in the round baking pans and the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets in a mini muffin tray. Turn the pizza pocket around so that the pinched side is at the bottom of the pan.
Pinch edges of dough together
Keep pinching!
 Pinch and press together
Turn upside down into mini muffin tray/round baking tin
6. Brush with milk and bake:
8 – 11 minutes (for each large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets)
5 – 8 minutes (for the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets)
Brush with milk and bake
Pizza Pockets – Adult and baby ‘mushroom’ size
My husband ate a few straight out of the oven with a nice cold Coke!! MMmm!!BUT if there are some left by the end of the day… I intend to freeze the large ones in ziplock bags, then send them off to work with my husband so he can microwave them at work for his lunch.
I will also be freezing the small ones (for the boys) in ziplock bags and take them out as needed for their lunch/dinner/snacks – either microwave for 1 minute or pop in the airfryer for a few minutes.
Healthy/ Main Meal/ Non Thermomix

Smoked Salmon Pasta (Non Thermomix Recipe)

This is a dish that I’ve been making for years! Even though my husband is super meat loving, this is one of his favourite dishes and he regularly requests this for lunch or dinner.
You can use any type of pesto (basil pesto). I’ve tried many types of store bought pesto, and the Sacla Classic Pesto is our favourite and tastes amazing with the smoked salmon and avocado. It comes in a 190 gram bottle.
It is best served fresh, so usually I make enough for my husband, myself and the 2 boys (so approx. 3 servings).
It is a cold/room temperature pasta dish so is something that I also make for parties as it is easy to make beforehand as a side dish. 
Diced avocado
Add salmon, avocado, pine nuts, pesto and cheese to large bowl
Run cold water over pasta to cool down
Stir ingredients all together in large bowl
Enjoy! 🙂  
Smoked Salmon Pasta

Smoked Salmon Pasta

Print Recipe
Serves: 3-4


  • 250 grams farfelle or penne pasta
  • 250-300gm smoked salmon (torn up in small pieces by hand)
  • Approx. 190 grams Basil Pesto (or Sacla Classic Pesto)
  • 1 x avocado (diced)
  • 1/4 cup pine nuts (toasted or untoasted)
  • 1/4 cup parmesan cheese (grated/shredded) and a little more to sprinkle on top



Boil pasta as per instructions in salted water.


In the meantime, place smoked salmon, pesto, avocado, pine nuts and parmesan in a large bowl.


Once pasta has cooked al dente, place in a sieve/colander and run under cold tap water and stir around until all pasta is cooled.


Shake off excess water from the pasta in the sieve/colander, place in the large bowl and stir together.


Serve and sprinkle with parmesan cheese on top.



You can double, triple, quadruple etc this recipe depending on how many people you want to feed. This is also a great side pasta salad for parties!

Main Meal/ Thermomix

Nachos with Homemade Corn Chips

This is one of my husband’s favourite foods that he’s been buying a lot of lately! So thought I would make it, not just the nacho mince but the corn chips too!
Nachos with Homemade Corn Chips
The nacho mince was easy to make and is packed with flavour! I’ve always just used the Mexican seasoning packets so was great to make it from scratch and see what spices go in! This is going to be my new ‘go to’ nacho mince recipe, next time I will try it for burritos!
Nacho Mince Recipe (if you don’t have a Thermomix you could use the ingredients and make this on the stove top!!):
I never knew that you could make corn chips at home until I came across this recipe. I made 2 x batches and ran out of polenta so had to substitute a bit of bakers flour instead. It smells amazing especially with the fish sauce in it (who would have thought an Asian sauce in Mexican corn chips?). It is really just a dough that is rolled out, sprinkled with parmesan/paprika/mustard powder and cut into triangle shapes! As it is a dough, you could also shape it to be a taco shell.
Corn Chip dough with Parmesan/Paprika/Mustard Powder seasoning
Baked Corn Chips out of the oven
Baked Corn Chips
Corn Chips Recipe:
The verdict – tastes like the cheddar shapes biscuits! LOL!! It may be because I didn’t roll it thinly enough, or that I substituted some polenta with baking flour as I ran out of polenta… but it just tastes like really really tasty cheese biscuits! I would make it again but eat it as a savoury biscuit with dip and cheese. But I will try it again with the proper amount of polenta to see if that makes a big difference in the texture. Luckily we had a spare packet of store bought corn chips in the pantry! 😉