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#mumlife Tshirts using Cricut Explore Air 2 and Easy Press 2

If you haven’t already noticed, mumma’s got a new hobby!

I’m still very new to the Cricut journey, so if I can do it so can you! For weeks, I have been using it everyday for various labels, custom iron ons, bows… the list is endless! I have particularly been obsessed with customising t-shirts for family and friends! I was lucky to get a Cricut Easy Press 2 this week and it’s been a game changer! With ironing on the vinyl, my normal iron woks well but it takes about 10-15 minutes vs 45 seconds per item with the Easy Press 2!

This is a project that I made for some of my mum friends… #mumlife tees using the new Cricut Everyday Iron On Mesh in Raspberry, Ocean and Silver colours. I used the Varsity Font in the Cricut Design Space app. It was the first time I’ve ever layered iron on material with more than 1 colour, and I’m so impressed at how quick and easy it is with the Easy Press 2! The layered colours really make the words pop!

I added the number of our kids on the tshirt sleeve for some added personalisation (we have 26 kids between the 8 of us!)

Click here for a video of me in action ironing on the letters on the sleeve.

Click here for my #mumlife tshirt project on the Cricut Design Space App if you would like to make it too!

Cricut is currently available at Spotlight and Craftonline.

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Slime Putty and Bath Time!

Slime Putty Day!!

Today I made the boys my 2 Ingredient Slime Putty! Best thing about getting gross and sticky from the slime putty is that I chuck the boys into the bath with their trays full of slime putty and bits & pieces to wash themselves (as it’s made with kids shampoo!)! So that’s craft time, clean up and bathtime all-in-1!!

I made 2 batches and added a tablespoon of glitter in each batch. I added pink/blue food colouring in 1 batch to make purple putty (Harley’s fave colour) and an extra squirt of kids shampoo to make it slimier (so they had 2 diff textures to play with). The girls joined in with the excitement and got to watch the boys get their slime on!

Very quick & easy 2 ingredient recipe *Thermomix & Regular Methods* CLICK HERE for the recipe!

Craft/ Parenting

Town Planning for Kids

The boys love learning new things and are absorbing information like sponges.

I’m a town planner by profession, so I thought they were finally old enough to learn the basics of Town Planning – the main types of residential dwellings:

  • Single storey house
  • Two storey house
  • Duplex (dual occupancy) – 2 dwellings on 1 lot
  • Townhouse (multi dwelling housing) – 3 or more dwellings on 1 lot with each dwelling having access from the ground floor
  • Apartment building (residential flat building) – 3 or more dwellings (I say to the boys – lots and lots of units in 1 big building)

I used basic shapes – rectangles (buildings, doors), squares (windows), triangles (roof) to make up the buildings with A4 and A5 coloured paper from Kmart.

I cut out the shapes and the boys helped me to stick them onto the wall with sticky tape. For older kids could cut out the shapes themselves.

It’s a great way to count, use basic shapes, and learn the different types of houses as we live in an area with lots of different types of housing which the boys can see as real life examples.

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Play Snow

This is an easy sensory play snow which looks like snow but can also be moulded and shaped! PERFECT for when you want to build a snowman…and you live in stinking hot Australia!!! (and perfect for an Elf on the Shelf activity!!)


Play Snow

Print Recipe


  • 400 grams baking soda (bicarb soda)
  • 50 grams conditioner



METHOD (Thermomix):


Place all ingredients in bowl - mix 10 seconds/Speed 4.


METHOD (regular):


Place all ingredients in medium sized bowl. Mix through with your fingers or a spoon until all ingredients are combined and a 'snow' like texture.


You can use any type of conditioner - I use whatever's cheapest in my house ie. Herbal Essence.

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Christmas Paddlepop Stick Ornaments

I LOVE craft and I LOVE Christmas! It’s exciting that the boys are at an age where they can enjoy craft! The boys really enjoyed making these and it was the first time they used PVA glue to stick things on!

This is an easy Christmas ornament which I have been giving as presents to my friends and family. The size of the loop is a perfect size for the boys to be able to place the ornaments easily and proudly onto the tree themselves. 🙂 🙂


  • Paddlepop sticks (coloured or plain)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • String (cut into the length of a paddlepop stick)
  • Scissors (to cut the string ^^)
  • PVA glue (for the kids to use)
  • Buttons, wooden shapes and pom poms to decorate


Adults/older kids

  1. Stick together 3 x paddlepop sticks with a hot glue gun to form a triangle shape.
  2. Loop the string together and stick on both ends of the string to one of the corners of the triangle.


  1. Use a paddlepop stick to dip into PVA glue and spread onto the paddlepop stick triangle.
  2. Decorate with buttons, wooden shapes and pom poms.

Note: I found the pom poms a little harder to stick on, so I had to restick a few with the hot glue gun.









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Advent Calendar for 2 year olds

It’s the most WONDERFUL TIME of the year!!! I’ve always loved Christmas and now it is so exciting to share it with the boys! Now that they are 2, this is the first year they can start appreciating it! Instead of chocolates/lollies for the 25 day countdown to Christmas, this is my 25 days of Christmas advent Calendar activities suitable for 2 year old old toddlers (and the family)!! Last year I also had a list for when the boys were 1 year olds!



1. Take photos with Santa

2. Paint Christmas ornaments

I bought this $5 Christmas plaster set from Kmart which the boys will love!—pack-of-17/1030801

3. Finger paint Christmas cards/wrapping paper

4. Make & play with a Christmas Tree Ball sorter

5. Make Reindeer paper plates

6. Make salt dough hand print Christmas ornaments

Non Thermomix –

Thermomix –


7. Sing and dance to Christmas carols

8. Take Christmas themed photos at home


9. Make homemade muffins for the first time!

20 Second Crunchy Lemon Muffins (made in a big bowl so they can stir it themselves!)

20 Second Crunchy Lemon Muffins

10. Check out Christmas displays at a shopping centre (i.e. Myer/DJ’s in the city!)

11. Make popsicle stick Christmas Tree ornaments

12. Have a picnic in the backyard with Christmas themed food

13. Go the beach and make sandcastles

14. Make little canvas paintings for presents – use painters tape, and tape a shape/initial on a canvas, and finger print on top – when dry, peel off the painters tape!

15. Help mummy make and decorate Red Velvet Cupcakes

Red Velvet Cupcakes – Recipe for with or without a Thermomix


16. Make easy ‘snow globes’ for presents

17. Make Christmas shapes out of red and green playdough + Doterra ‘Holiday Joy’ 

ThermoFun – Kids Everyday Essentials – Playdough

18. Help mummy decorate a Gingerbread house for the first time


(this was mummy’s last year before any creative help from the kiddies!)

19. Run in the sprinklers 


20. Check out Christmas Lights!!

21. Make Christmas feet Reindeer


22. Tree/star shaped pumpkin pancakes for breakfast

Pumpkin Pancakes

23. Make Chocolate Chip Cookies for Santa (ready for Christmas Eve)

Healthy Choc Chip Cookies

24. Watch a Christmas themed movie as a family with popcorn AND set up Santa’s snacks!

25. Take family photos in front of the tree and open presents!!


Christmas/ Craft/ Non Thermomix/ Thermomix/ Twins

Advent Calendar for 1 year olds

After years of searching, I’ve finally found a wooden Advent Calendar that I am in love with!!! I got this beauty from Target!
As the boys are still young for little toys like yoyos, lollies/chocolates, activities like Christmas light watching (the boys are in bed before it’s dark!), this is my 25 days of Christmas advent Calendar activities suitable for 15 month old toddlers (and the family)!!
1. Take photos with Santa
2. Start wearing Christmas Pyjamas
3. Finger paint Christmas cards/wrapping paper
4. Read Christmas stories
5. Feed the birds some bird seed
6. Make salt dough hand print Christmas ornaments
7. Sing and dance to Christmas carols
8. Take Christmas themed photos at home
9. Make homemade hot chocolate with marshmallows (their first taste of hot chocolate!)
10. Check out Christmas displays at a shopping centre
11. Stocking game – place toys in Christmas stockings and get them to pull them out one by one to play with
12. Have a picnic in the backyard with Christmas themed food
13. Go the beach and make sandcastles
14. Make little canvas paintings for presents – use painters tape, and tape a shape/initial on a canvas, and finger print on top – when dry, peel off the painters tape!
15. Play with bubbles
16. Make easy ‘snow globes’ for presents
17. Make Christmas shapes out of red and green playdough
18. Feed the fish some bread
19. Run in the sprinklers in the garden
20. Play with Christmas stickers
22. Play with red and green balloons
25. Take family photos in front of the tree and open presents!!
I cut out little cards to write the activities on to put inside the Advent Calendar boxes – Christmas shapes – I placed 3 colours of paper together and cut them together once to save time!
Write the No.’s 1 to 25 onto the shapes
Write down the activities (see my list above)
Place them in the corresponding box
Advent Calendar all ready to go for December!!
Craft/ Kids in the Kitchen/ Thermomix/ Twins


Both of the boys have been sick and it’s the first time one of them has been put on antibiotics (Harley 🙁 ) so thought I would treat them to their first playdough experience!
First time playing with Playdough!
There are many playdough recipes around, but this one caught my eye, since it was titled as ‘the best’ Thermomix playdough recipe by Fat Mum Slim, so I just had to try it!
For the non-Thermomixers, she has also put a link to a non cook/non Thermomix recipe too!
The recipe pretty much cooks up the mixture, cooking/dissolving a salt, water and cream of tartar mixture:
 Dissolved/heated salt, water and cream of tartar
Then you mix in some plain flour:
Added flour
And then mix in some oil. I chose coconut oil as I just looove the smell!
 Added Coconut Oil
I then added 1 teaspoon of liquid blue food colouring and kneaded it in the Thermomix as I wanted minimal ‘hands on’ effort especially with the food colouring – 3 minutes/kneading function.
Added 1 tsp of blue food colour
After 3 minutes/kneading function
I then used a spatula, and kneaded it with a handful of plain flour into small shaped balls for the boys to play with…and ‘tested’ it for them too 🙂
‘Testing’ it first
As they are still quite little, and eat everything they’re not supposed to, they did try to eat bits of it, but luckily it’s non toxic and all the ingredients are things that they have eaten in their ‘proper food’.
To avoid this, I pressed in cookie cutters for them to take off and press in – they are great at dismantling Duplo blocks/wooden blocks, so it is a different ‘sensory play’ for them to do it with playdough!
It felt amazing, silky and smooth and feels so nice coming out nice and warm from the Thermomix. I haven’t played with playdough for over 2 decades, but this will definitely be my ‘go to’ playdough recipe in the years to come as I cannot fault it in any way!
Yay for playdough!
Getting serious with it!
Craft/ Twins

DIY Nautical Themed Party Food Labels – Ethan and Harley Turn 1! (6 day party countdown)

To fit in with the boy’s nautical themed party, I decided to make labels using the old school origami paper boats!
Paper Boat Party Labels
I used A5 sized brown paper, and cupcake toppers, both from the local party shop.
A5 sized paper and cupcake toppers
Despite it being such a simple origami task, probably one of the first ones I learnt as a kid, it’s been a looooong time since I’ve made them and had to look it up! For those who have also forgotten, here’s a step by step tutorial:
Step by step tutorial – Paper Boats
To get the flag in, use the ‘toothpick’ end of the cupcake topper to pierce the paper from the bottom to create a small hole, then slide the cupcake topper on the top!
Putting the cupcake topper flag in
You could use them for any sort of party (kids/adults) and just swap up the cupcake topper flag to suit the party! It’s so cheap and easy to do! You could even just keep the paper boats and reuse for future parties with the different cupcake topper flags/labelling.
You could also get anyone in the family to help, and could be a craft session for the kids to get involved in the party preps!
Enjoy! 🙂
Craft/ Twins

DIY Smash Cake Backdrop Decorations – Ethan and Harley Turn 1 (8 day party countdown)

Today I made the backdrop decorations for the boys smash cake set.
Smash cakes are a recent trend for 1st birthday parties where the birthday boy/girl is sat in front of a cake (usually layered with a pastel buttercream) and ‘smashes’ into it. Sometimes it’s when they are sitting in their high chair, and sometimes it’s on the ground with a colourful backdrop which is great for photos.
I have no idea what this backdrop is specifically called (let me know if you know?), but it’s a whole lot of material knotted around a rope to form a colourful backdrop.
Smash Cake Backdrop
The boys are having a nautical theme for their party so I chose 5 different types of fabrics, with the 3 nautical colours (blue/white/red). You could choose any types of fabric, even just 1 type, but I think it creates a lot of texture and colour with a selection of fabrics with a coordinated colour palette. I had 1 metre of each type of material cut so that when it is tied onto the rope it would have a height of 50cm. 
You could use any rope to tie them onto, but I chose a rope I got from Bunnings (like the anchor rope), and I also found wooden anchors from Spotlight to add to it too. I cut the piece of rope about 3 -4 metres, so that the fabric could cover a length of about 1.5 – 2 metres with excess rope to attach to the wall. I made it really wide as it has to fit 2 babies in front of it, however if it was just for 1 baby, I would make it narrower with a width of about 1 metre.
Rope, fabric and wooden shapes
With each piece of fabric, I cut it into strips about 1 1/2 inches wide. You could either cut the length with scissors. However, some cotton fabrics you can snip about 1cm from the edge and tear the rest of the way, so I tore it – sooo much easier and faster than cutting every single piece! AND it’s fun!
Snip approx. 1cm from the edge
When tearing, there will be some loose threads on the edge, so you will need to smoothen the piece of material and pull off the excess bits of thread.
After tearing the fabric with excess thread
 Smoothen fabric and pull off excess thread
Repeat with all the material, and order the fabric prints in order of how you want to place them (I put them on the back of a chair).
Place lengths of fabric in order
With your pre cut rope/string, loop the length of fabric by folding in half, and looping the ends around the rope through the middle loop as illustrated:
Fold fabric in half

Loop ends of fabric around the rope and in between the middle loop of fabric

Pull fabric through and tighten
Repeat with all pieces of fabric and push together so it sits tightly together on the rope. I then knotted the ends of the rope to finish the ends off.
Loop all the fabric around the rope and tie a knot at the ends
I then tied the wooden anchors onto the fabric to go with the nautical theme.
Add wooden anchors
Finished product – ready for the smash cake session!
This was the first time I’ve made something like this and was inspired by all the creative backdrops on Pinterest. I wanted something really ‘rugged’ and boyish but still suitable for my little baaabies (which are growing up so quickly!!) as I feel like I have overdone the bunting and tissue flower decorations.
It was sooo easy to do, and I started and finished it in one day with a lot of errands and running around in between. Skill level: Beginner! 🙂 🙂