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Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Spray

I am currently obsessed with Eucalyptus oil for cleaning! I use it to clean/deoderise the toilets, I add a capful with my clothes in the washing machine, cleaning the boys bath, and I looove using it with hot water to mop the floors! I love the smell and everything feels squeaky clean! So I thought I’d make up a multi purpose spray for the kitchen, bathroom and to clean up after two messy toddlers!! 

I bought the spray bottle for $2 at the Reject Shop and have seen them at dollar shops, and Coles/Woolworths etc. Ends up so much cheaper than buying a multi purpose spray, and I don’t freak out about inhaling it like I do with all the chemical based sprays! In fact, it’s fantastic for the sinuses!!! 😉

Add all ingredients to bowl
Mix 1 minute/80 degrees/Speed 1
Decant into a spray bottle and enjoy!

Eucalyptus Multi Purpose Spray

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  • 250 grams water
  • 140 grams white vinegar
  • 5 grams dish washing concentrate
  • 5 grams Eucalyptus oil



METHOD (Thermomix):


Add the above ingredients to the bowl.


Mix 1 minute/80 degrees/Speed 1.


Pour into a spray bottle.


METHOD (Non Thermomix):


Boil water, and add all ingredients into a jug.


Mix well pour into a spray bottle.


Note: Shake bottle before use.

Cleaning/ Non Thermomix

Cleaning your Kettle

Spring cleaning time! It’s time to clean your kettle!!!

Before and After – Cleaning your kettle

Remove that gunk and limescale from your kettle, with just one simple ingredient – LEMONS!!!! The citric acid in the lemons cleans your kettle without needing any scrubbing!! And cleaning without scrubbing is MYYY type of cleaning!!

Do this the last thing at night before bed!

1. Fill the kettle with 1 or 2 quartered lemons (squeeze a bit of juice out as you put it in).

Fill with 1-2 quartered lemons

2. Fill up with water to the maximum.

Add water

3. Bring to the boil and leave overnight.

Leave overnight

4. In the morning, bring to the boil again.

The morning after…
After being boiled again

5. Rinse kettle thoroughly (unless you want lemon flavoured tea).

Rinse thoroughly

6. And BAM! Sparkling clean new kettle!!

Sparkling clean new kettle!!

I try to do this every few weeks, or when I see my kettle get gunky at the bottom!!