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Strawberry Chips

These were made by accident whilst I was attempting to make strawberry rollups by TRTLMT ( I made them a lot thinner, and cooked them a bit longer than needed (got distracted playing with the boys). The recipe used 900 grams strawberries to spread over 2 trays, however I spread 430 grams strawberries on 2 trays. They ended up more like chips than roll ups, plus it ended up easier for the boys to eat as it is so thin, it just melts in your mouth! I will definitely follow the roll up recipe and make them thicker for when the boys are a bit older with more teeth to bite into them!
Strawberry Chips
2 x 250 gram punnets of Strawberries (with green tops cut off)
1/2 tablespoon white sugar
1. Preheat oven to 75 degrees.
2. Line 2 large baking trays with baking paper.
3. Place strawberries and sugar into bowl and mix 25 seconds/Speed 9.
Place Strawberries and Sugar in bowl
Blitzed Strawberries and Sugar Mixture
4. Spread a very thin layer of the mixture onto the baking trays, spreading with a cake icing spatula.
 Spread a very thin layer of mixture
 Repeat for both trays
5. Bake in the oven for about 2 -3 hours or until sides of mixture appear crisp and transparent.
Bake in oven for 2 – 3 hours
After 2 – 3 hours
YUMMY! The boys love it!!
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Yoghurt Drops

My boys are ever changing between wanting to be spoon fed (apparently boys like everything to be done for them??), and to wanting to eat themselves with their fingers. Lately, they only want to eat finger foods!
I’m trying to get things into them that are healthy and that they’ll actually eat! I also try to give them different flavours, colours, textures and temperatures with their food so that they won’t be too fussy with their foods as they grow up.
I saw this on Pinterest so thought I would give it a go with my homemade yoghurt!
Yoghurt Drops
What you need:
1. Yoghurt (Homemade/store-bought, flavoured/plain)
I used my homemade Vanilla Yoghurt using Thermomumma’s Easiyo Yoghurt Recipe (
2. Metal tray lined with baking paper
3. Piping bag or ziplock bag (with small hole cut in the corner)
What you need ^^^
1. Place yoghurt in a piping bag (or ziplock bag) and pipe dots onto tray.
Fill piping bag with yoghurt
Pipe drops on tray
2. Place in freezer for a few hours until drops have hardened.
Place in freezer
 You can either store in freezer on the tray, or decant it into a smaller container with baking paper in between.
It gets a bit melty after a few minutes out of the freezer, so it is best eaten straight out of the freezer for a sweet frozen treat for the little ones or adults!
Baby Food/ Healthy/ Main Meal/ Thermomix

Risotto Frittata

This recipe seems to be ‘breaking the internet’ amongst Thermomixers at the moment with the school holidays starting. This is a healthy and delicious meal for the kids (and adults).
Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata with a Twist
Skinnymixer’s Risotto Frittata with a Twist Recipe:
So, mine didn’t turn out very attractive!! 🙁 I think this was due to me adding an extra 200 grams vegetables (celery) and also not using muffin cases – I just put them straight into my mini muffin and muffin sized silicon trays. I used a knife to go around the sides of the mini muffins to lift it out and most of them crumbled when I lifted it out. With the large muffin size, I used a knife to go around the sides then turned it upside down to pop it out onto a tray – and that worked! <– use this method instead!! 😉
Lots of veggies! I added an extra 200gm veg including celery
3 components to the recipe: cheese mixture, risotto, and vegetable puree
Mix them all together and then mix through 2 eggs once the mixture is cooled
Spoon mixture into muffin pans and top with cheese
Not the best looking photo, but YUM!
I placed them straight into containers to freeze
Verdict: My ‘lately’ fussy boys looooved it and for once, more went into their mouth than chucking it on the floor!!
Baby Food/ Snacks/ Thermomix

Sao Crackers

I try and make all the boys food from scratch, however the main thing that I buy for them is savoury crackers. They eat crackers for snacks, or to supplement their main meals with cheese and are great especially when they are teething, so I thought I would try to make them instead!
Sao Crackers Recipe:
The dough is really simple to make and only consists of 4 x ingredients – plain flour, salt, butter and water.
Dough onto a floured baking paper on tray
Roll dough out
Cut into squares with pizza cutter
Poke with fork tips
I baked on 1 side for 10 minutes then turned over
 Baked the other side for 8 minutes
I was a bit sceptical about recreating these crackers, but they have a very similar texture to the storebought Sao crackers and the crackers have a floury, firm but flakey texture and tastes amazing with butter and vegemite!
It only makes a tray of it, and is very very easy to eat, so next time I make it I’ll be doubling the recipe! Plus, the boys love it!!
 Enjoying their Sao Crackers!
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Sweet Potato Waffles

With sick babies who only want to feed themselves, I wanted to make them something relatively nutritious for their breakfast today.
Sweet Potato Waffles
I thought I would sneak in some sweet potato into some waffles, since the sweet potato works so well in the Sweet Potato Caramel Mudcake making it really moist (!
If you don’t have a waffle maker, you could use this batter for pancakes (they are pretty much the same type of batter).
260 grams sweet potato (cut into 1 inch pieces)
40 grams water
30 grams butter
165 grams milk
190 grams plain flour
1 egg
30 grams brown sugar
15 grams desiccated coconut
1 1/2 tablespoons baking powder
1 teaspoon cinnamon
1. Preheat waffle maker (or frying pan if you don’t have a waffle maker).
2. Add sweet potato to bowl and chop 5 seconds/Speed 7. Scrape down.
Sweet Potato
3. Add water and cook 3 minutes/Varoma/Speed 1.
Sweet Potato Chopped + Water
4. Add butter and blend 10 seconds/Speed 7. Scrape down.
 Cooked Sweet Potato + Butter
5. Add milk, flour, egg, sugar, desiccated coconut, baking powder and cinnamon and mix 10 seconds/Speed 4.
Sweet Potato Waffle Batter
5. Spoon into greased waffle maker (or frying pan) and cook according to the waffle maker instructions (or if in frying pan cook and flip until both sides a browned).
Grease preheated waffle maker and spoon in batter
Sweet Potato Waffles!
Sweet Potato Waffles – serve with or without maple syrup
Baby Food/ Bread/ Main Meal/ Non Thermomix/ Snacks/ Thermomix

Pizza Pockets – Adult and baby ‘mushroom’ size

This is reminiscent of the school canteen food from my childhood – pizza pockets! I had since bought it in a frozen 4 x pack and was highly disappointed – very dry dough, more dough than filling and they make them soooo tiny now!
So thought I would make them at home!
Pizza Pockets – Adult and baby ‘mushroom’ size
The large sized pizza pockets were made in mini round baking pans from Kmart which are $3.50/4 pack –—pack-of-4/625849
I made this in my Thermomix, however I have given an alternative method for Non-Thermomix users.
Thermomix – 2 x batches pizza dough from the BCB TM5 Chip
Non Thermomix – 2 x batches of the following recipe (This is the recipe I used pre-Thermomix days:)
1 x sachet yeast
1 teaspoon sugar
1/4 teaspoon salt
1 cup warm water
2 cups plain flour
1. Add yeast, sugar, salt and water into a large mixing bowl, mix together and rest for approximately 10 minutes until the mixture starts foaming.
2. Either by hand or using an electric mixer (with a dough hook), mix in flour and knead until the dough mixture comes off the sides of the bowl when kneading.
3. Cover the bowl (or place in oiled bowl if hand kneaded) with gladwrap for 30 minutes – 1 hour.
Pizza Dough
(You could use anything you like, but I found the below quantity just right for the amount I made)
150 grams ham
150 grams mild salami
150 grams sliced pineapple (placed on paper towels for a few minutes to drain excess juice)
300 grams pizza cheese (a mix of tasty/mozzarella/parmesan)
2 x 140 gram containers of Tomato Paste (to be spread onto flattened dough)
Thermomix – Place the meat, pineapple and cheese in the bowl and press the 1 second Turbo/4 times.
Non-Thermomix – Chop/dice meat and pineapple into small pieces and mix through cheese.
Pizza Pocket Filling
(This is based on the 2 x batches of Thermomix pizza dough, the non Thermomix dough recipe may make more or less) 
1. Preheat oven to 170 degrees.
2. Divide and weigh the dough into the following:
110 grams x 6 (for each large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets)
40 grams x 16 (for the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets)
 Divide and weigh dough
6 x large and 16 x small dough pieces
3. Flatten each piece of dough into a rough round shape using a rolling pin or the palm of your hand (I did both and they worked out the same).
Flatten with rolling pin
Flatten with palm of your hand
4. Spread with tomato paste and place filling in the middle:
3-4 tablespoons filling (for each large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets)
1 tablespoon filling (for the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets)
Spread with tomato paste
Place filling
5. Pinch the edge of the dough corners together so that it comes together at one point. Place the large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets in the round baking pans and the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets in a mini muffin tray. Turn the pizza pocket around so that the pinched side is at the bottom of the pan.
Pinch edges of dough together
Keep pinching!
 Pinch and press together
Turn upside down into mini muffin tray/round baking tin
6. Brush with milk and bake:
8 – 11 minutes (for each large ‘adult’ sized pizza pockets)
5 – 8 minutes (for the mini mushroom ‘baby’ sized pizza pockets)
Brush with milk and bake
Pizza Pockets – Adult and baby ‘mushroom’ size
My husband ate a few straight out of the oven with a nice cold Coke!! MMmm!!BUT if there are some left by the end of the day… I intend to freeze the large ones in ziplock bags, then send them off to work with my husband so he can microwave them at work for his lunch.
I will also be freezing the small ones (for the boys) in ziplock bags and take them out as needed for their lunch/dinner/snacks – either microwave for 1 minute or pop in the airfryer for a few minutes.
Baby Food/ Non Thermomix/ Thermomix/ Twins

Baby Purees as Sandwich Spreads

My twin boys, Ethan and Harley are now 11 months old.
They first started purees at 4 months old. One of the main reasons I got a Thermomix was to make our babies delicious and nutritious food. Luckily I received my Thermomix in time for the boys eating solids so I have been able to make all of their food from scratch with fresh ingredients.
Like any organised twin mum, I always made and stockpiled a huge amount of purees, always doubling the recipes and freezing them in the Heinz Baby pots.
Just when I made my latest lot a few weeks ago, my boys refused to open their mouths to be spoon fed their purees and decided they only wanted finger foods that they could self feed. So I have a huuuuuge amount of purees in the freezer: Beef and 3 veg, lamb prune couscous, chicken and sweetcorn risotto, red lentils and veg, beef eggplant and mushroom ragu, coconut fish and veg to name a few. The boys refuse to eat them with pasta, so I now use them as a sandwich spreads! Makes it even better with homemade Thermomix bread and dinosaur sandwich cutters I bought from Ebay!
The baby puree recipes are from the Thermomix Cooking for your Baby and Toddler by Louise Fulton Keats, and Jumbo White Bread Loaf recipe by Thermomumma in the following link:
Sandwiches, Dinosaur Cutters and Frozen Purees
Homemade Thermomix Bread
Ethan and Harley Digging into their Dinosaur Sandwiches