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‘Princess of Pop-corn’ Cake

My birthday cake to celebrate my decade anniversary of being 21 years old! 😉

The cake consists of 30 second whole orange cake, with cream cheese frosting between layers, torched meringue, toffee and popcorn shards, pink rock candy, edible glitter and gold leaf.
1. The Cake
I made 3 x 30 second whole orange cakes, the day before assembly. I then cut the tops of each cake, and cut each cake in half to create 6 even layers.

 2. The Frosting
I doubled this Cream Cheese Frosting recipe and mixed it for approx 1 minute 15 seconds, with a spatula to assist the stirring. I then placed it in a container to firm up in the fridge (otherwise it can get really sloppy when trying to pipe).
3. The Toffee and Popcorn Shards
I like to make toffee the old fashioned way on the stove top, 1 cup of caster sugar: 1/4 cup water in a stainless steel pot (so you can clearly see the sugar caramelise) on medium heat. Don’t stir at all, and just swirl around the contents in the pot as it bubbles and slowly turns into an amber colour. 
In the meantime, microwave the popcorn (I use the butter flavoured popcorn sachets), spread onto a tray, then pour the toffee over the popcorn to set.
4. The Meringue
I used icing sugar instead of milling the sugar in Step 1, as I wanted my bowl super clean and dry for the meringue, so started straight on Step 2. 
5. The Assembly
Place some cream cheese on the cake board (to hold the cake)
Using a thick round nozzle, pipe from outside in – doesn’t need to be super neat, but just needs to be evenly piped as it’ll all be squished between the cake layers

Repeat for the 6 layers of cake
Finish off the top of the cake, by turning the bottom of one of the cakes upside down (for a sharper finish)

 Place 4 x wooden skewers through the cake layers so it doesn’t lean (as cream cheese is a bit sloppy at room temp)

 Roughly top with meringue, starting from the top, and randomly cascading down some of the sides 


Torch with a kitchen blow torch

Top with the toffee and popcorn shards, gold leaf, edible glitter, pink rock candy and personalised cake topper (if you have one) – I saved this one from my 30th birthday last year!





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