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Pizza Marinara

My all time favourite pizza is the Pizza Marinara from my local pizza shop! It’s great for one of those lazy nights where I don’t feel like cooking, however in the time it takes to order and wait for the pizza to be delivered, I might as well just cook it myself (and save myself $22 + delivery)!!
Pizza Marinara (left) and Pizza with Salami, Ham and Pineapple (Right)
I used 2 x batches of the pizza dough (i.e 4 x pizza portions) from the Basic Cookbook TM5 chip.
Whilst waiting for the pizza dough to prove/rise in an oiled bowl covered in glad wrap, I made the Béchamel Sauce off the Basic Cookbook TM5 chip. However, before I made the sauce, I grated 150g Tasty Cheese in my Thermomix at 12 seconds/speed 5 and set aside . (Mornay sauce is Béchamel Sauce with grated cheese mixed through it). Once the Béchamel Sauce is made in the Thermomix, I poured it into my Thermoserver and then stirred the grated cheese through it and then seasoned with a bit of salt and pepper to taste.
This pizza is just rolled/pressed into the biggest tray in my kitchen (as I’m too lazy to make several smaller sized pizzas). I used the mornay sauce for half of this pizza, however there would be just enough to cover this whole base. On top of the mornay sauce which I generously lathered on, I topped it with marinara mix (from the frozen section at Woolies which I had defrosted – I got the frozen stuff as I wanted ‘cheaper’ smaller seafood bits compared to the fresh ‘gourmet’ type stuff), and broke up a few anchovies with my fingers and scattered them around the pizza.
The other half I made up my husbands favourite pizza topping (tomato paste, with salami, ham and pineapple).
I then topped both pizzas with a pizza blend cheese of tasty, mozerella and parmesan cheese and baked in a preheated 180 degree oven until the cheese became crispy and golden. Baking times will vary depending on the size of the pizza and your oven.

The Pizza Marinara tasted exactly like my local pizza shop, but with better quality seafood bits. Soooo delicious!!

Pizza Base with Tomato Paste and Mornay Sauce
Pizza Base with Toppings
Pizza Base with Toppings and Cheese

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