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Pink Ombre Cake

The cake that I have made the most is the Pink Ombre Cake, which became really ‘in’ a few years ago. I made it 4 times within a few months of each other with my Kitchenaid (pre-Thermomix days).

Pink Ombre Cake – Ashleigh’s Birthday Cake
The first one I made was for my friend Ash. I also made one for my brother and now sister in laws engagement party, sister in law Julia’s 21st bday party and good friend Marjorie’s 30th birthday party. The cake goes a loooong way and feeds a huge crowd!

I used a simple butter cake recipe from and a buttercream recipe as follows:

Butter Cake Recipe:

Buttercream Recipe:

The 4 layers was 2 batches of the butter cake and 2 batches of the buttercream. I piped it using the plastic star shaped heads in the reusable piping sets from Coles/Woolies (I have since invested in ‘better’ metal ones) though it did the job!
Pink Ombre Cake – Pete and Kar Wei’s Engagement Cake
Pink Ombre Cake – Julia’s 21st Birthday Cake
Pink Ombre Cake – Julia’s 21st Birthday Cake
Pink Ombre Cake – Marjorie’s 30th Birthday Cake

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