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Nachos with Homemade Corn Chips

This is one of my husband’s favourite foods that he’s been buying a lot of lately! So thought I would make it, not just the nacho mince but the corn chips too!
Nachos with Homemade Corn Chips
The nacho mince was easy to make and is packed with flavour! I’ve always just used the Mexican seasoning packets so was great to make it from scratch and see what spices go in! This is going to be my new ‘go to’ nacho mince recipe, next time I will try it for burritos!
Nacho Mince Recipe (if you don’t have a Thermomix you could use the ingredients and make this on the stove top!!):
I never knew that you could make corn chips at home until I came across this recipe. I made 2 x batches and ran out of polenta so had to substitute a bit of bakers flour instead. It smells amazing especially with the fish sauce in it (who would have thought an Asian sauce in Mexican corn chips?). It is really just a dough that is rolled out, sprinkled with parmesan/paprika/mustard powder and cut into triangle shapes! As it is a dough, you could also shape it to be a taco shell.
Corn Chip dough with Parmesan/Paprika/Mustard Powder seasoning
Baked Corn Chips out of the oven
Baked Corn Chips
Corn Chips Recipe:
The verdict – tastes like the cheddar shapes biscuits! LOL!! It may be because I didn’t roll it thinly enough, or that I substituted some polenta with baking flour as I ran out of polenta… but it just tastes like really really tasty cheese biscuits! I would make it again but eat it as a savoury biscuit with dip and cheese. But I will try it again with the proper amount of polenta to see if that makes a big difference in the texture. Luckily we had a spare packet of store bought corn chips in the pantry! 😉

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