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Marble Buttercake with Inner Heart Shape

Another one of my mums birthday cakes…
Marble Buttercake with Inner Heart Shape
I found this cake tin on one of my fave online shops…EBay. ..for $16.62 and free shipping, why not!
Inner Heart Shape Cake Tins

I used the same (pre thermomix) butter cake recipe that I use in my ombre layered cakes (is very dense and holds shape really well for icing).

I made 2 batches of the buttercake, mixing pink food colouring with one of the batches and spooned in the cake batter alternating between the plain and pink batters to get the marbled look.

Once the cake was cooked and cooled down, I made instant choc mousse (the same just-add-milk Costco mix, however these days I would use my Milo Mousse Recipe) and used a spatula to spread within the inner half of the ‘heart shape’ which you then place together to get the full ‘heart shape’. I iced it in similar fashion to the pink ombre cakes but changed the colours to pink, peach and white.

A few days earlier, I rolled out white fondant and used alphabet cookie cutters to cut out ‘MUM’ and a heart shape with an embossing kit that reads ‘MUM ♡ 54’ (I also got this kit for a few bucks on Ebay). And let to dry out in corn flour ready for use on the day of assembly.

The heart shape didn’t come out as sharp as in the Ebay photo though a different type of cake with less crumbs and filling may work better with a more contrasting colour, like a chocolate mudcake with raspberry mousse filling…which I may try out someday soon…

Easy, fun and different twist for a birthday cake!

Butter Cake Recipe:

Buttercream Recipe:


120gm butter (room temperature) 
2 1/2 cups icing sugar 
1 teaspoon of vanilla bean paste


Place all ingredients into bowl and beat until light and fluffy.

Marble Buttercake with Inner Heart Shape
Cake Tin EBay Listing

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