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Malteser Chocolate Cake

One of the first cakes I decorated nicely enough to be ‘Instagram worthy’ was a Malteser Cake for one of my mums (many) birthdays.

Malteser Chocolate Cake with Chocolate Heart Sticks
It was with *cough* Aldi Chocolate Mudcake packet mix and *cough* Betty Crocker ready made chocolate icing. (Disclaimer: this was pre-Kitchenaid, pre-Thermomix days!)

This cake has two layers with chocolate icing in between, and then covered with chocolate icing on the outside of the cake to form a holding base for the maltesers. When placing the maltesers, start from the bottom of the cake and work your way up.

I put melted chocolate in silicon heart shaped ice moulds from Ikea and placed a wooden sewer in it at an angle. Sooo easy and looks amazing!
Great for the chocolate lovers!
On a reflective note, I remember this being the last cake that I made that my late grandfather ate. He had issues with eating lumpy type food in his final days so I chose Maltesers and plain chocolate moulds (i.e no fancy nuts or cachous) so that they could melt in his mouth before digested.

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