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Kitchen Tea Cupcakes

An easy and simple cupcake decorating idea!
For my sister in law’s kitchen tea last year, I was about 5 months pregnant with my boys and starting to get super tired so I wasn’t asked to do much lol! I had seen this idea on Pinterest and really wanted to try it! My mum made vanilla cupcakes (packet mix) and mixed up some buttercream icing with vanilla bean paste (with the beautiful black flecks in it) ready for me to decorate (mum’s are the best :)!!)
Kitchen Tea Cupcakes – Bridal Dress
On the biggest plate I had, I assembled the non iced cupcakes in the following shape – 4 cupcakes, then 3, then 2 for the waist, then increased the width of cupcakes to fit the width of the plate to look like a ‘ball gown’.
I then piped the icing onto each cupcake with a star shaped icing tip and filled in the gaps (which look like star shapes). I then placed silver cachous around the top ‘bodice’ of the dress shape, and the bottom ‘hem’ of the dress shape and scattered edible glitter to the top and bottom of the dress. I also slid a pink ribbon underneath the 2 middle ‘waist’ cupcakes and tied it into a bow (I got someone to help me with that – one person lift the cupcakes, the other slides the ribbon underneath).
Very easy and effective for a kitchen tea/hens party!
Kitchen Tea Cupcakes – Bridal Dress
(Photo with flash so you can see the edible glitter!)

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Drew Watts
7 years ago

Your cupcakes look so yummy. I wish I could try these cupcakes. I was looking for something similar as have booked one of wedding venues NYC where we need to manage everything of our own. Hopefully John and I would be able to pull off things.

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