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Kids in the Kitchen – Part 2 – Princess Pizzas

Yesterday, I posted Kids in the Kitchen with cupcakes decorated by my nieces for their dessert. Today, following on from that post, is what they made for the main meal.
What better way to get their kids to eat their food? To get them to make it! And even more appetising is if it is in the shape of princesses and all things pretty and nice!
Princess Pizza
I made 2 x batches of the pizza dough from the Basic Cookbook TM5 chip. 1 batch I added pink food colouring. The 2nd batch, I took out half of the pizza dough, then added yellow food colouring to mix through the remaining half.
Equipment included rolling pins, cookie cutters, blunt knives, and kids imagination!
We used pizza tomato paste spread as the base, and cabanossi, ham, pineapple and yep, chocolate chips (for eyes) and topped with pizza cheese (mix of tasty, mozerella and parmeson).
I used their off cuts to roll and press into a round pizza shape for the adults.
Very cute and a great way to get kids in the kitchen and eat their creations!!
Princess Pizza
Princess Pizza Ingredients and Equipment

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