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Kids in the Kitchen – Part 1 – Cupcakes

During my (only) babysitting session with my nieces, I wasn’t sure how to entertain them without the TV, as I’m only used to entertaining little babies. So I thought I’d get them to make their own dinner and dessert! 

The kids decorated ’30 second cupcakes’ with buttercream icing from the Basic Cookbook TM5 Chip.
Cupcake Decorating
I also made 1 x batch of the buttercream icing from the Basic Cookbook TM5 Chip, I made it a plain vanilla icing, removed half of it then added pink colouring and mixed that through the rest of the icing.
I then laid out all my kid friendly baking decorations and Miss 4, 6 and 8 were sooo excited! I’ve never heard them so quiet as they were in deep creative concentration!
Such beautiful girls creating such beautifully decorated cupcakes!! Oh such fun!!!
A great activity for those babysitting sessions, rainy days, or for a kids birthday party
30 Second Cupcake Recipe:
Showing off their creations!!

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