How do I get the time with twins?

One of the common questions I get when I make a cake (or knit…or even wash my hair…) is, how do you get the time with twins???
I owe it to:
1. My very hands on husband who is a super daddy and spends all his non working/non sleeping time doting on our sons, and
2. My mother who encouraged me to start blogging my creations, is super Por Por and never fails to be the 2nd set of hands when my husband is working, and
3. To my Thermomix which my husband bought me for my 30th present, making it so much faster and easier to make nutritious home made baby food, home cooked meals and sweet treats!
I looooooove making cakes, however, my 2 biggest supporters, my husband and mother, HATE EATING CAKE!!! Hahaha

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