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Hot Chocolate (with Real Chocolate!)

With HEAPS of leftover Easter eggs, and with the chilly Autumn nights, this hits the spot!

You can create different flavour combos with diff chocolates – dark, milk, white, caramel, choc-mint, bounty, cherry ripe, toblerone…the options are endless!!

Hot Chocolate (with Real Chocolate!)

You could blitz the chocolate first, however I love my hot chocolates at night (when the boys are sleeping!) and blitzing chocolate in the Thermomix gives the most offensive noise so I rather not!! I find that Speed 2 is the max I can go without the mixing being too loud! The chocolate will mix through in the 5 minutes with the heat and milk – if you’re making a bigger batch, and you can still see chocolate bits after the 5 minutes, just add an extra minute or so to the time 🙂 

Add 50 grams chocolate (per serve)
Add 250 grams milk (per serve)
Mix 5 minutes/80 degrees/Speed 2
For froth: mix 5 seconds progressively increasing the speed up to Speed 7.
Dust with cocoa/drinking chocolate to serve

Hot Chocolate (with Real Chocolate!)

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Serves: 1


  • 50 grams chocolate (of your choice!)
  • 250 grams milk (of your choice!)



1. Add all ingredients to the bowl - mix 5 minutes/80 degrees/Speed 2.


2. For froth: mix 5 seconds progressively increasing the speed up to Speed 7.


Note: you can double/triple/quadruple this recipe

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