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Home made scarves – Loom Knitting Kits

My ID twin boys, Ethan and Harley were 11 months old yesterday!

 Ethan and Harley – 11 months
I’ve taken weekly shots of them since they were born, this week they are wearing scarves that I made with a loom knitting kit.
I bought this kit at Lincraft for around $30 which includes 4 diff sized looms, a needle and metal hook. I used the small pink loom for the boys baby scarves, and I made a matching one for Daddy with the slightly wider green loom.
It is super easy, I made the 2 small scarves for the boys in just ONE day!
The instructions that come with the pack are sketchy so I just youtubed how to start and finish the scarves. I have so far made 4 scarves and 2 place mats (1 half done as pictured in the middle of the pink loom).
There’s something satisfying making things for your precious ones!
If you’re into DIY stuff, I totally recommend these loom kits!!
Ethan and Harley – 11 months
 Loom Knitting Kit
Loom Knitting Kit with Ethan, Harley and 1/2 of Daddy’s Scarves

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