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High Heel Cupcakes

The most repinned photos on my pinterest page are these high heel cupcakes that I made for my good friend Denise for her 30th.

High Heel Cupcakes
As Denise loves all things American and fashion, I made red velvet cupcakes decorated with cream cheese frosting in the form of high heels. 

Red Velvet Cupcakes:

I made the cookies by cutting one end rounded, and one end pointed (prior to baking), with the pointed end to shove into the side of the cupcake,  and decorated with royal icing, silver and coloured cachous and edible glitter prior to the royal icing drying.

Honey Graham Crackers Recipe:
You could really use any cupcake and cookie recipe for this but it is the icing and assembly which makes it amazing! I used cylindrical chocolate wafer sticks for the high heel affixed with melted choc at the underside of the biscuit.
Warning: This is not for the impatient type, it is quite fiddly but worth the effort!! (this was done pre-pregnancy, pre-children when I had all the time in the world!)
High Heel Cupcakes
High Heel Cupcakes

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