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Goats Milk Liquid Soap

My brother just gave me some soap he made including some lovely goats milk soap. So I thought I would turn it into liquid soap to fill up my new soap pumps!
Goats Milk Liquid Soap
All you need is any 120 grams soap bar and 8 cups of water! It can be a creamy/clear cheap/expensive bar, and it all should work the same! You can add extra colouring or fragrance, but I left it pure so I could use it for the boys’ sensitive skin!
Liquid Hand Wash Recipe:
120 grams soap
Cut into cubes
I blitzed for 20 seconds from working from Speed 5 –> 8
I melted at 90 degrees/Speed 3 in 2 minute increments plus added approx. 100mls water – took about 10 minutes total for the soap to be all melted
Added 8 cups water through the MC hole slowly and mixed 2 minutes/80 degrees/Speed 2
Pour into a large bowl to cool and thicken
The froth disappears after a few hours. Stir every hour (or when you remember and walk past it!)
It took over 24 hours for mine to thicken. Before the boys morning nap (the day after I made it) it was still very liquid, then after their nap 2 hours later it had magically thickened (has a kind of ‘snotty’ texture)
Goats Milk Liquid Soap!
Made enough liquid soap to fill up 4 pump bottles with lots to spare which I will probably use for body wash too!

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