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“Fairytale Garden” Red Velvet Naked Cake

This year’s cake for my mum’s birthday is called the “Fairytale Garden” Red Velvet Naked Cake. I really wanted to use my red velvet cupcake recipe as a cake recipe and turn it into a naked cake which is very trendy at the moment!
There are 7 elements to this cake recipe:
This is my red velvet cupcake recipe that I made into a cake. I usually bake the Red Velvet Cupcakes for 20 – 25 minutes, using it for batter for 1 cake takes about 1 hour baking time. I made 2 x cakes for this cake in 20cm cake tins.
Red Velvet Cakes
I chose this buttercream recipe as it has melted chocolate in it and sets firmer than normal buttercream (which usually just has icing sugar/butter/vanilla extract).
I made 1 x batch of this buttercream which was the PERFECT amount for this cake, and used Nestle White Chocolate Melts.
Place one cake onto the cake board with some buttercream icing (so it doesn’t slide when carried)
Place icing on the top of both cakes, and turn the 2nd one upside down onto the icing to create a sharp edge on the top
Cover and spread the buttercream icing on the sides and top with a spatula and dough cutter (to smoothen)
I used 130 grams brown sugar and 80 grams white sugar, and cooked it for 16 minutes to make it a thicker sauce so it would drip onto the cake nicely.
I placed the caramel sauce in the fridge for about an hour to cool down (slightly cooler than room temperature, but not too cool).
Use a metal teaspoon to drip each ‘drip’ down the sides of the cake, then fill in the middle of the cake with the sauce.
Salted Caramel Sauce
Drip onto the sides of a cake with a metal teaspoon
Fill in the top middle of the cake with the caramel sauce
Crumple a large piece/pieces of aluminium foil, and roughly paint on gel food colouring of your choice (I used Wilton’s gel food colouring – Pink).
Melt 200grams of Nestle White Chocolate Melts in a glass pyrex measuring cup in the microwave for 1 minute on high. Mix it together with a spatula until all melted, and pour/spread it into the crumpled aluminium foil. Place in fridge to set and take out just before placing it on the cake. I used a pair of tweezers to help take the foil out in the parts of the foil that were more creased.
Paint crumpled foil with gel food colouring
Pour and spread melted white chocolate and place in fridge to set
Take foil off the chocolate with the help of tweezers
Place on top of the back half of the cake. I used a few toothpicks to secure it at the back so it wouldn’t lean back.
I placed a few large and small meringue kisses on the top of the cake and a few on the platter.
Meringue Kisses
I had run out of the white chocolate buttercream for the cake, so I cheated and used Betty Crocker’s Vanilla Icing (as it is just a tiny bit that I needed and I didn’t want to make up a huge batch of buttercream for just a few little ‘stars’. Mix in Wilton’s Gel Food Colouring – Teal – I dipped a toothpick into the gel colouring and it was enough to make a vibrant teal colour, mix together and pipe with a small star icing tip. I piped random stars on the cake and platter.
Vanilla buttercream with teal colouring
If you search on Google, there are surprisingly a huge amount of flowers which are considered ‘edible’ (though I wouldn’t actually EAT the whole flower!) but they are safe for putting onto a cake that you’re going to eat! These flowers I used are from my mum’s flower garden so have no pesticides etc. I picked them in the morning on the day I used them for the cake.
Freshly picked flowers from the garden
‘Fairytale Garden’ Red Velvet Naked Cake
Back view
My Mum – the birthday girl with her grandsons

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