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Duck Egg Sponge Cake

I grew up dabbling here and there in the kitchen, however my mother was always master of that domain so never bothered too much with cooking until I moved out of home.
My first nicely decorated cake that I made was only 2 1/2 years ago. I started with a sponge cake made with duck eggs and decorated with meringue kisses after a work colleague gave me some duck eggs and talked about how they make the best sponge cakes.
I made the Duck Egg Sponge Cake recope… by Not Quite Nigella. Abosolutely delicious!
Duck Egg Sponge Cake with Meringue Kisses

Duck Egg Sponge Cake Recipe:…/duck-egg-sponge-cake-bea…/…

For the meringue kisses, I used the following recipe omitting the food colouring and sprinkles:

I didn’t have a Thermomix in those days, just used my mother’s hand me down old kenwood mixer! I’ve always liked arty things however chose a very bland uncreative career (Town Planning!) which didn’t encourage my creative side. I thought well….I love eating… I love art…why not combine the two and my belly can enjoy my creation!

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