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Dark Chocolate Yogo

My husband and brother LOVE Yogo! I came across this recipe, the texture is exactly like the storebought Yogo! And as always, the Thermomix is always a winner when it can make something that you love from the shops but is non preservative free!
Dark Chocolate Yogo
Chocolate Yogo Recipe:
Our household prefers dark chocolate, so that’s what I used! As it’s all blitzed and melted together, it was the perfect opportunity to use up all the ‘leftover’ bits of chocolate which I had including half an Old Gold Easter bunny, dark chocolate melts and dark chocolate chips!!
I love that you can use any type of chocolate of your choice to mix up the flavours!
Blitz 200 grams chocolate of choice – 10 Seconds/Speed 8
Blitzed chocolate
Add 2 eggs, 500 grams milk (I used A2 Full cream), and 2 heaped tablespoons cornflour – I cooked for 8 minutes/90 degrees/Speed 4
Dark Chocolate Yogo!
I love that there is no extra sugar or cream used for this and that you can mix it up with different types of chocolate and milk of your choice. This tastes amazing piping hot and fresh out of the bowl, but even BETTER chilled for a few hours in the fridge – exactly like the storebought Yogo (but I definitely enjoyed this more since it’s with my fave dark chocolate!!).

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Michelle Davy
Michelle Davy
4 years ago

Holy moly, this is amazing. Yum!!!

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