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Christmas Icecream Cake

This is a super easy Christmas dessert on a hot summers day which can be made way beforehand and kept in the freezer until serving.
Christmas Icecream Cake
Ice Cream Crunch Cake Recipe:
The apple and strawberry liquorice in this looks really festive and it is a perfect dessert for an Aussie summer Christmas!
I used a round silicon mould from Ikea – (the larger size).
On Christmas Day, once it was dessert time, I popped the icecream cake upside down onto the serving platter. I then drizzled with chocolate and white chocolate Icecream Magic. I had premade fondant holly leaves with pre-bought green fondant and a holly leaf cookie cutter. I also found some fresh cranberries sold at Woolies to top it off with flaked almonds and silver cachous!


This is my ‘go to’ icecream cake, having made it for my SIL’s birthday cake too:
It’s an interesting mix of ingredients by itself, yet it is also simple enough in flavour to accompany other desserts!

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