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Christmas Cupcake Wreath

This is a very simple and easy Christmas dessert or edible centrepiece idea! I was running short of time and just used Aldi’s Vanilla Cake packet mix and spooned them into normal and mini sized muffin patties (this was non Thermomix days!).
I then made buttercream with a few drops of green food colouring and piped them onto the cupcakes with a star shaped frosting tip (I used the plastic ones that you can get in a kit in the baking section at Coles/Woolies). I topped the cupcakes off with Holly shaped sprinkles available around this time of year, however you can top it off with any type of sprinkles, edible glitter, grated chocolate, festive lollies, chocolates etc.
The decorating part of this is to place the muffins in the round shape of a wreath on a large round platter, and add a decorative festive ribbon at the bottom 🙂
If you have to travel with this dessert, I would bring the cupcakes un-iced in a plastic container, and pre make the buttercream icing, placing it straight into your icing bag, or ziplock bag, then assemble and ice the cupcakes at the party when you get there!
I recommend my 30 Second Vanilla Butter Cake recipe made into cupcakes, and Perfect Buttercream Icing (+ green food colouring).

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