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Chocolate ‘Man’ Cake

For my brother’s birthday this year, he requested a plain chocolate cake with no fancy decorations or icing etc etc etc.

Too Easy Chocolate Cake with Bambino Icecream Cones
I made 2 x batches of the ‘Too Easy Chocolate Cake’ off the Basic Cookbook TM5 Chip (mixed both batches in the 1 lot), and once the cake was baked and cooled down, I made 1 x batch of the Chocolate Ganache off the Basic Cookbook TM5 Chip.
I cut the cooled cake in half and put chocolate ganache between the 2 layers, then dripped the ganache on top. I use a spoon to drip the sides of ganache then fill out the rest of the top of the cake with the remaining ganache.
It looked abit boring just cake and ganache, so prior to ‘birthday cake time’, I placed a few store bought mini Bambino icecream cones on top (luckily they just stood up straight just wedged in there!).
The Too Easy Chocolate Cake is such a light and moist cake, it is my ‘go to’ chocolate cake.
Simple, effective, very very easy and…so manly!!
Birthday Boy, his wife, and their nephews

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