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Chocolate Indulgence Cake

This is what I call a ‘Chocolate Indulgence Cake’ that I made for the June birthdays in my family.

Chocolate Indulgence Cake
I made 2 x batches of the Too Easy Chocolate Cake and 2 x batches of buttercream icing (halved the amount of milk required and added a tbsp. of cocoa instead of vanilla essence), both from the Basic Cookbook TM5 chip.
I piped the buttercream on with a star shaped icing nozzle. In between the cakes is buttercream and crushed Tim Tams (I chopped them up with a knife as the Thermomix would obliterate them into sand). I iced the top with buttercream then decorated in a messy, ab hoc, but intentional way with broken up ane crushed Tim Tams, Kit Kats, Pokey Chocolate Sticks, strawberries and confetti sprinkles.
I would have usually liked to have a greater height in the decorations on the cake however I needed to travel with it within a glass dome and it juuust fit! On a side note, the wooden platter and glass dome is actually a cheese tray I bought from Aldi on sale at $6! Bargain!

You could make this cake with any chocolate cake and buttercream icing recipe, or even a packet mix! The decorating is what turns a simple chocolate cake into an indulgent one!

Hope this cake inspires you to make your own as it is so easy, delicious, and made with all the naughty junk food at home!
Chocolate Indulgence Cake from the top
Chocolate Indulgence Cake in my $6 Aldi Cheese Dome
Cake Cutting Time!

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