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Choc Mint Slice

I love mint slice biscuits and have come across this recipe before, but I waited to make it for the office since it’s such a huuuuuge amount!
Choc Mint Slice
Choc Mint Slice Recipe (Thermomix and Non Thermomix Methods!):
There are 3 layers – a base layer which is a spongey chocolate cake type layer which needs to be baked, then an oozy peppermint layer, and a chocolate top layer. It is best served and eaten right out of the fridge and is really refreshing on a summer’s day. I left it at room temperature in the office and the peppermint middle section melted really quickly and oozed out, so had to quickly put it back in the fridge to firm up again!
The recipe suggests 2 – 4 teaspoons peppermint essence. I used 4 as I wanted it to be a strong and obvious peppermint taste, and I thought it was a perfect amount, similar to the mintiness from a mint slice!
I don’t have a huge slice tin as I usually use square silicon baking tins for my slices, so I used my Scanpan non stick roasting tray with baking paper.
Chocolate sponge batter base ready to bake
Chocolate sponge base out of the oven
Peppermint layer poured over the base and left to cool
Chocolate top layer poured on and left to cool at room temp, then placed in the fridge to chill
Once set in the fridge, I cut the sides off to create a sharp edge so that all of the pieces would be even in shape. I cut 40 large pieces (10 x 4) with offcuts to snack on 😉
 This is a great summery refreshing snack or dessert, or to bring to a party (just needs to be kept in the fridge until serving!)

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