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Choc Mint Mousse

After a successful milo mousse recipe which we have eaten sooo much of (, I wanted to attempt another favourite flavour in my household, choc mint!
Choc Mint Mousse
This has a mild mint flavour, as I wanted to have some restraint with the peppermint so it didn’t end up tasting like toothpaste! But you could double the amount of peppermint essence without it being too overpowering (just have a taste of the mixture after Step 2 and add after that if desired), or add a bar of peppermint crisp with the blitzed dark chocolate chips.
100 grams dark chocolate chips
1 x bottle 600ml thickened cream
1/2 – 1 teaspoon peppermint essence
1/4 teaspoon green food colouring
6 tablespoons sugar
1. Add chocolate chips to bowl and blitz – 5 seconds/Speed 7. Set aside.
Blitz the chocolate chips and set aside
2. Place butterfly into bowl. Add thickened cream, peppermint essence, food colouring and sugar. Beat – 20 seconds/Speed 4.


Add thickened cream, peppermint essence, food colouring and sugar.
3. Add the blitzed chocolate chips and beat – 10 seconds/Speed 4. It is has not thickened, keep beating 5 seconds at a time, until the cream has thickened, and has the ‘frangipani’ look at the top. Be careful not to overbeat or you’ll get Choc Mint flavoured butter!
Add reserved blitzed chocolate chips
Serve in 6 small glasses. You can either spoon the mousse in, or pipe it in with a piping bag and large piping nozzle. I used a large star shaped piping nozzle:
Fill piping bag with mousse
Pipe mousse holding the piping bag vertically with slow and constant pressure
Choc Mint Mousse!

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