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Cheat’s Gingerbread House

I make this every year and it is sooooooooooooo easy!!
I use Ikea’s $4.50 Gingerbread House Kit:
And have decorated with homemade Royal Icing using this recipe:
I first spread royal icing on the base of a tray to form a ‘snow’ looking ground. I then used a piping bag and a small round piping nozzle to assemble the gingerbread house and pipe the patterns.
Whilst the icing was still wet, I decorated with silver cachous and Fruit Fizzers.
I also used Tiny Teddies at the front of the house, and green holly leaf sprinkles (you can find them around this time of year) to assemble a little tree.
This is soo easy and is so much fun to smash when it comes to dessert time! This is also great for an edible table centrepiece or as a homemade gift!
This is one that I made with just royal icing and silver cachous:

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