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Apple Crumble Fluff

My husband requested NO MORE CAKE for Father’s Day, as everyone is all ‘caked out’ after the boys birthday! So I decided to make an individually served dessert for Father’s Day lunch. I came across this recipe a few months ago and have been meaning to make it, so now was the opportunity! Apple Crumble Fluff!!
Apple Crumble Fluff
Apple Crumble Fluff Recipe:
The only pre-prepared thing to do the day before is to peel, core, dice and freeze the apples. I used 2 x large Fuji apples and 2 x small Granny Smith Apples. It weighed about 580 grams, which is a bit more suggested in the recipe as the recipe indicated that it serves 6 and I was serving 7.
Peel, core, dice, weigh and freeze apples the day before
Just before lunch, I made the 2 x batches of the crumble (I rather more than less), which is sooo quick and takes a total 15 minutes of prep time and cooking time!
Spoon crumble onto tray with baking paper
Press down with finger tips
Baked in the oven for 12 minutes until golden, mixture will spread
Once cooled, break crumble with a fork
Crumble ready for serving
I also made Toffee to place on top of the dessert, I added thinly sliced apples in the hope to make ‘toffee apple’ however it was too moist, and needs to be more dehydrated first when cut into slices and the apple slices rose to the top, so it came out as cooked candied apples separate to the toffee shards.
The toffee is just 1 cup of water to 1/4 cup white sugar. Just swish around in a stainless steel small pot (do not stir) on low heat until sugar has dissolved. Then increase to high heat until the mixture bubbles and turns amber in colour.
Toffee – sugar syrup dissolving and caramelising
Pour over sliced apple
Wait to cool
Once cooled, apples separate and rise to the top, easy to peel off, then toffee can be broken up into shards
The fluff was so easy to make, I made it just before serving. The recipe requires 1 x egg white, however I used 2 since I was using more apples, and I ended up getting 2 x double egg yolks in a row so figured there was less egg white in it!!! (is this a sign?? 2 x twins??? eeekkk!!)
2 x double egg yolks!!!
Apple Fluff!
When serving, I spooned the fluff mixture into wide glass dessert bowls.
Spoon the apple fluff mixture
Added the crumble to the top of half of the mixture (so the ‘fluff’ can be seen).
Add the crumble
Then added the sliced apple and toffee that had been separated.
Top with sliced apple and toffee
Apple Crumble Fluff ready for serving
This dessert is unlike any dessert I have ever tasted! It tastes like a sweet fluffy foamy cloud inside your mouth, it is pretty much all frozen blitzed up apple and it’s hard to believe it’s so healthy (besides the sugar)!! It doesn’t taste like icecream, or sorbet, or anything that I can think of, so you will have to make it to taste it for yourself!! I’m glad I made double batch of crumble as I think it gave a better ‘fluff to crumble’ ratio! This is a fantastic ‘wow’ dish if you want to show off your Thermomix!!!

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