About Me & My Twins

Hello and welcome to Twins and a Blog!

My name is Sophia, wife of Paule, and mummy to 2 x sets of identical twins – identical twin boys Ethan and Harley, and identical twin girls Camilla and Madison.

I live in Sydney, work part time as a town planner and am stay at home mumma the rest of the week! I love fashion, TV shows and FOOD! I’m a pasta loving Chinese/Malaysian and my passion is baking and decorating cakes – however I actually love making sweet treats more than I love eating them!

I only started cooking 5 years ago. I was completely hopeless, having to Google ‘how to boil an egg, how long to cook pasta etc’ and had a pantry full of packet mixes! My husband bought me a Thermomix for my 30th birthday which was the same time that the boys started on solid foods. The main reason for the purchase was so that all of the boys’ food would be home cooked! I gained a lot of ‘cooking courage’ and motivation with a Thermomix on board, that I was trying new and interesting recipes every day that in the end my family encouraged me to start a Blog, which I thought, why not!? So in July 2015, my ‘Thermotwinning’ Blog started which was all about recording the food I would be trying and making anyway! After a year of blogging, I decided to change the name ‘Thermotwinning to ‘Twins and a Blog’ as my blog content became not just ‘Thermo’ recipes, but also ‘Non Thermo’ recipes and other things to do with my life and experiences of a mum of twins.

As a mum of young twins, blogging is an outlet which I can call my own and keeps me sane whilst wearing PJ’s/trackies in between all the never (ever ever) ending mummy duties! Also, for those of you who feel you’re not a great cook, there is hope!! I started cooking 5 years ago, got my Thermomix over a year ago, and now I have a blog full of recipes!! Hoping to create more deliciousness and inspire you all to enjoy cooking (and eating) food at home! xxx








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