20 Second Crunchy Lemon Muffins

This is a really quick and easy muffin recipe, and the muffin itself is really moist and fluffy with a crunchy topping. These are way too easy to eat!!! This recipe can also be made EGG FREE! I accidentally forgot to put in the egg in my first batch so I thought it would make a good experiment!! They look and feel pretty similar, quite moist and fluffy, however with the egg the muffin is a little more ‘crumbier’. If I didn’t taste one after another I probably wouldn’t even tell the difference! The one without egg is slightly more denser and doughier in texture (similar to the doughnut muffins) and is a bit like a packet mix cupcake texture. Either way, these are soo delicious and very easy to make and eat! Left (brown casing): Recipe as below with egg Right (white casing): Recipe as below WITHOUT egg Add all muffin ingredients to bowl     Mix 20 seconds/Speed 5     Spoon into muffin cases  Bake at 200 degrees for 15 minutes or until a skewer comes out clean.   Prepare sugar and lemon juice in bowls     As soon as the muffins come out of the … Continue reading 20 Second Crunchy Lemon Muffins